As well as our elected officers, Team UWLSU is made up of a whole team of permanent staff who make sure that your union opens its doors everyday and that you, as students at UWL, get us to do what you want us to do.


Kat Stark

Chief Executive

As the Chief Executive of the SU I lead the staff. I manage staff and make sure that plans are in place to deliver great services and opportunities to students. I report to the Trustee Board and ultimately I'm accountable to the membership - UWL students! I support the student leaders - the President, the VP Activities & Participation, and the VP Education - in their work to represent students.

Why did you decide to work in a students’ union?

Because SUs are amazing places. I love the mix of activities - the bar, the café, the gym, sports clubs, societies, events, advice, representation, democracy....... You name it, the SU does it! I work at UWL specifically because I think it's an incredible uni and I love the students here. 

A fun fact about yourself?

I was born in Kansas. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

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Ben Whittaker

Deputy Chief Executive

I manage all the student facing staff at UWLSU; from sports clubs and societies, democracy and governance and student representation. My job is to find out what students need and want and GET IT DONE.

Why did you decide to work for UWLSU?

I've worked in the students' union in the past and was the Vice-President Welfare at NUS for two years.

A fun fact about yourself

I love aeroplanes and rollercoasters and I have even been known to moonlight as Quantas cabin crew...

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Kam Dhoot

Head of Finance and Business Development


I manage the finance function. Responsible for the annual financial statements and  management account reports, I also make sure we’re accountable to Companies’ House and Charities’ Commission. I also have an overview of our Commercial activities. I used to work at UWL Finance as Financial Reporting Manager and have also worked at other unis, eg SOAS.

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Executive Administration Assistant

What has been your favourite ever job?

“Loads as I love a lot of what I've done over the years”

jobs include:

  • PA at Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
  • Registry Officer at a local College
  • Project Manager at BA
  • Sculptor of bronze garden statues
  • Beauty demonstrator in Selfridges!!

What are you most looking forward to about working at UWLSU?

  • Working with people who love what they do and to their best ability whilst have fun and enjoying life along the way
  • Working for an organisation and with people who feel that you work best when the work environment is like home from home - it can only bring out the best if you love coming into work!  
  • Getting to know everyone and what they do and getting to know my own job and doing it well too!

What was the last film you watched and what rating would you give it out of 10?

  • Polar Express 10/10 It's all about 'believing'
  • A Christmas Carol (the Alistair Sim version only)
  • The Rocky Horror Show - made with pennies as there was no budget but it's still here, going strong and I love it
  • West Side Story - just fabulous as is Cabaret (Lisa Minelli) 

Jackie Crossman

Commercial Manager

I am the commercial manager . I look after the bar, café, stash and new student village shop

I ensure you have good food to eat and beer to drink after a hard day at Uni

Why did you decide to work in a students’ union?

I chose to work here as it's all about the people and not about the profit

A fun fact about yourself?

I don’t have a fun fact but I'm pretty good at DIY and will have a go at fixing anything usually with the help of a video from you tube

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Johnny Fitzharris

Assistant Food & Beverage Manager

​I assist in the chaotic world of our Student Unions bar and cafe. This includes me ensuring that we are fully stocked on booze, grub and coffee to see all UWL students through the week.

Why did you decide to work in a students' union?

​I decided to be a member of the student unions staff because I graduated from UWL in 2014 and could  not think of a better/more fun place to work.

A fun fact about yourself

An interesting fact about myself is that my chest hair naturally grows in the shape of the batman sign… coincidence… I think not!

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Charlie Benson

Sports and events manager

As sports and event manager I am responsible to ensuring the sports teams at UWLSU are running as effectively and efficiently as possible. I am also responsible for all social events, fundraisers and flag ship events.

Why did you decide to work in a students’ union?

I first got involved in the Students Union as the Social sec of the football team at Uni. I soon realized that working in a students’ union opens up plenty of opportunities and area of development and I haven’t looked back since!

A fun fact about yourself?

I grew up on a farm and went to Hippy school – it was awesome!

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Loren Wilson

Events Intern

I work alongside Charlie, helping create and deliver UWL’s bestest and biggest events!

Why did you decide to work in a students’ union?

When I was a student; the union was the best part about my university life. When the opportunity arose to work for the union AND in something I loved, I jumped at the chance. My aim is to try and give everyone the same experience I had.

A fun fact about yourself?

I was training to be a teacher before I came to London to do events!

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Pushpa Jani

Finance Assistant

I (we call her P-Money) make up the rest of Team Finance and am the longest serving member of UWLSU staff.

Make sure you keep on my good side, as I am responsible for making sure your expenses and wages are paid!! I also make a mean cup of chai.

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Sona Patel

Assistant Accountant

I make up one third of the Finance Team at the SU. I prepare reports and accounts to make sure we are in line with our targets for the year.

Why did you decide to work for UWLSU?

I’ve never worked at SUs before but it’s such a fun place to work and there is never a ‘normal’ day in the office!

A fun fact about yourself

I love to bake, Mary Berry is my hero!

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Matt Myles-Brown

Representation Manager

I manage the representation team, who can help you have a say about your education and give you advice if things go wrong

Why did you decide to work in a students’ union?

I ran for election at my university because I wanted to make it a better place to study, and I thought it was brilliant because there were so many different things to do. Then I decided to move to UWLSU so I could be part of the amazing SU here!

A fun fact about yourself?

I’m scared of kiwi fruit because it has no reason to be hairy.

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Andy Irwin

Advice & Outreach Manager

I manage the Advice and Big Conversation Teams at UWLSU, and we’re here to make sure that you have friendly, accessible support when you need it. We look after students when things go wrong but we also help you to identify services and opportunities that will help you make the most out of your time at UWL.

Why did you decide to work in a students’ union?

Something really cool is happening here. This is the best time I’ve ever been a part of, and I genuinely feel like I’m participating in changing people’s lives for the better at UWLSU. All the staff here are on a social mission and we work on the same page – which is really exciting. We also employ students wherever possible, every member of my team is either a current or former UWL student, we give opportunities and do what we say we’ll do.

A fun fact about yourself?

I once wore an Arsenal shirt to wedding and a Wales shirt at a posh awards ceremony.

Contact Andy.


Lisa Pool

Communications manager

It’s my job to make sure that you all know what’s going on in the
students’ union and how you can get involved in the wide range of things we have to offer. I manage an awesome team of students who deliver our design, video, social media and website development.

Why did you decide to work in a students’ union?

I love working in the student movement, and have done so ever since I was an elected officer at Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union in 2008. Before UWLSU I worked at the National Union of Students. I chose to move here to be inspired by students and because there is so much potential at West London.

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Marcus Butt

Creative Communications Producer

I'm part of the communications team, creating a range of graphics,
branding and illustrations for the SU

Why did you decide to work for UWLSU?

I work for the SU as it¹s a vibrant, busy and rewarding place to be

A fun fact about yourself

I spent ten years living in Cyprus!

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Emily Saunders

Senior Communications Coordinator

I look after the communications requests we receive from the rest of the students’ union and also work with a team of student staff to create interesting and relevant content for our students. I’m also responsible for the quality of content on our website and in any digital communications we send out. I’m interested in the student experience as a whole and how students view it; which is the best starting point to improve individual communications and also the other things that we and the wider University offer.


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Tanya Wijesinghe

Academic Caseworker

I work in the advice team, and that means helping students who might find themselves faced with any academic difficulties.

Knowing the procedures of university regulations can be difficult to get to grips with, so I’ll help you to understand what’s going to happen in any academic process you might experience. 

I want to make students realise that not only can we be an awesome social aid, but we can also be there for you whenever you need help academically.

Why did you decide to work for UWLSU?

I decided to work for UWLSU after being part of the Army (working in the bar and café) during my time at uni. It was the most liberating work environment I’d ever experienced. Working here lets me help loads of different students every day and It gives me the opportunity to highlight the academic support that union can offer to all students, as well as all the sports, societies and events.  

And a fun fact about you!

I used to be an awesome Irish dancer (3 trophies and 5 medals kinda awesome), I’ve lost it now though ): 

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Ed Castell

Research and Insight Coordinator

It's my job to make sure your views are given to the University. I coordinate research into what you are enjoying about University or think needs to be improved so we can take it to the top University committees. I also organise the elections that decide who you want to represent you.

Why did you decide to work for UWLSU?

Working for the SU gives me a great opportunity to improve students' experiences and make sure you get everything you can from your time here. Every day at UWLSU provides new challenges and opportunities.

And a fun fact about yourself

If you pause Captain America: The First Avenger at just the right time, you can see me pretending to look sad.



Mariam Masud

Academic advisor

I support students with any academic issues they may have.

Why did you decide to work for UWLSU?

Because I have not worked in an SU before and I wanted to challenge myself, by working in different environments. I also really like the atmosphere of the UWLSU.

A fun fact about yourself

I love a good karaoke session! :)

Contact Mariam



Andre Fernandez

Projects Development Coordinator

I encourage students to take on projects and support their events through “Make it a thing” scheme.

I will also be keeping student active with “Stay Active” along with a range of cool new events and activities taking place around campus.

Why did you decide to work for UWLSU

Enhancing student experience is a passion of mine and there is no better place to do this than UWL SU.

The student journey needn’t be a solitary, one-dimensional process so I’ll be doing my all to expand the spectrum of extra-curricular experiences that will create great memories for as many UWL students as possible.

A fun fact about yourself

I have raced an astronaut through an assault course…and won!

Contact Andre


Amy Harris-Sandström

Office & People Manager

I run the business support and front of house team and we make sure that all the admin processes are in place so that our staff can provide awesome services for UWL students.

I also make sure that our support staff team and student staff team are happy, well-supported and highly trained so they can bring their A game to work every day!

Why did you decide to work for UWLSU

I decided to work for UWLSU because I wanted to be part of an organisation who show others how things should be done. Having never worked in the sector before I was astonished by the achievements that this SU has made in terms of its income, user engagement and staff satisfaction. Did you know that the SU received the NUS award for highest staff engagement for the second year running? - 100% of its staff rated themselves as satisfied! . . . 100%!!

I have worked in private, public and many third-sector organisations and a rating this high is almost unheard of. So, I figured, they must being something right. . . . and now I am working here, I can see exactly how they got that rating. The students and the people who work here are clearly at the heart of everything UWLSU does.

A fun fact about yourself

My dad devised, wrote and starred in a children’s TV program in the 1970s called Animal Kwackers where he dressed up as a dog called Bongo and played the drums.

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Imran Malik

Business Support Intern

I work with Amy to provide effective front of house service for the SU as well as various other business support duties. Basically the side of the SU that you would not normally see.

Why did you decide to work for UWLSU

Last year I was (and still am) the president of the Men’s Basketball team. I found that it really helped me to develop (professionally and personally) and I felt that for my placement year, an internship with the SU would be perfect.

A fun fact about yourself

I do photography and can also play the drums.

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Lucy Hayes

Healthcare Student Experience Co-ordinator​

The majority of our nursing staff are based in Reading. I'm based in Reading 3 days a week to ensure our students there have access to a fuller student experience: so I help to ensure that their views are represented and that they have access to academic advice, social events organised by the UWL and the chance to create their own societies and communities relevant to where they live, study and work.

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Michael Odejobi

Societies Intern

I look after all the societies at UWL, ensuring that help facilitate the running and set up of the societies. This gives the students a voice and a presence. I work particularly with interest groups, for example, the Gaming Society and Social Worker Society

Contact Michael







Samantha Nelson

Commercial Intern


I support the Commercial team with running Freddie's bar and cafe. You'll often find me behind the scenes in the cafe, ensuring our catering service is running smoothly or on the phone to our suppliers stocking up on sandwiches, fruit, water and cake for our students!

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Naveed Latif

Business Support Intern

My role is to make sure the Union runs as efficient as possible through our processes at FOH and increase engagement of the SU. I also work on the promotion of NUS Extra so that students get the best student deals while at university.

Why did you decide to work for UWLSU

I have worked in the SU for 2 years as a student staff and believed working as a full time intern with an amazing team I can put more of my time into the union to make it the best place to be on campus.

A fun fact about yourself

I love collecting coins and currently hold the whole set of 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics coins.

Contact Naveed


Samantha Samuels

Sports and Gym Intern

I work in the Community and Belonging team as the administrative intern- responsible for making sure UWL sports teams, or students looking to get involved, get the best experience they can!

I also look after the Gym, working alongside my colleagues. I wanted to work for UWLSU because the union was such a big part of my student life, and one of the main reasons I finished my degree! And you can’t pass on an opportunity to give the same to new students.

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Zahra Choudhry

Student Voice Intern

I am responsible for making sure that students are happy with their courses and student experience, and if not then making sure that their voices are heard! We recognise the positives and work on changing the negatives so that students have the best experience at UWL and with UWLSU.

Why did you decide to work for UWLSU?

Because if I could describe it in one word it would be “perfect”. We’re a team of very different individuals however we come together as a family and all understand each other and work towards making sure the students of UWL are happy.

A fun fact about yourself

I was a steward for the London Olympics :D

Contact Zahra

Cayleigh Morgan

Student Voice Intern


Hi I’m Cayleigh, and I work with the Representation team to help plan and deliver lots of the projects we run throughout the year which help ensure that students’ voices are heard: these range from NUS and Sabbatical officer elections right through to our current #greatteacher campaign.






Reena Silva

Community Development Coordinator


My role is to develop new, innovative and exciting opportunities which are diverse and inclusive to all students. I’ll be working on creating new communities, with students who might not already engage with the SU, and providing activities to improve their university experience. If you have an idea for a activity, event, society, group, club come find me in the SU. There’s more to student activities than just partying!

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