What makes a great teacher?

Hi, I’m Zahra, the SU Vice-President of Education. My job is to represent your opinions about your education and to make sure the people in charge at the University know how you feel.

This year I want to have a big conversation with students and staff at UWL about what makes a great teacher. 

What is great teaching all about?

  • Do you think great teaching is about being brainy?
  • Maybe it’s about being friendly and approachable?
  • Or is a great teacher somebody who goes the extra mile?
  • And what does that mean?

I want to know what you think. And I want to meet the people who you think are great teachers at UWL too.

What else will be happening?

November - finding out what you think

I’ll be out with a team of people asking thousands of students and staff what they think makes a great teacher. Tell us your views!


February - Exhibition launch

There will be an exhibition and a conference for all UWL staff where teachers and other staff can see what you really think.

How can I make my views heard?

So don't be shy, let us know what makes a #greatteacher and help me to help you to make this University better for everyone. 








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