What exactly are course reps?

Course reps are student volunteers who give up a few hours of their time to ensure that the views of the students on their course are heard by the right people in the right places. Course reps are at the centre of student voice and are central to the team.

What do course reps do?

Course reps work as part of a team so they are fully supported by the students union and have a dedicated staff member that will support them whilst they voice their opinions.


Staff-student committees

Course reps represent students at staff-student committees in which course reps and members of staff work together to solve academic issues. These committee meetings allow your course rep to express their views and those of the students they represent in a professional manner. University staff document and evaluate the points that have been discussed. Their aim is to find solutions to any issues students may face. 


Other campaigns

 Previous course reps have also run academic campaigns, for example campaigning to ensure that all students had access to one on one time with a personal tutor. 


Support for course reps

The students' union offers support and advice for your ideas. If you would like to run an event or a campaign, come and talk to us. We might even be able to fund it for you! 


Why should you volunteer to be a course rep?

 Improve your academic experience

 By becoming a course rep you will be improving the student academic experience for current and future students.

Impress your future employer

In the current market, employers are looking for people who have gone the extra mile during their education. Not only will you earn an excellent reference for your CV, but you'll also receive credits towards a Higher Education Achievement Award, which will be printed on your academic degree transcript. 


Gain people skills

 We will give you specific training to help you develop your people skills and your confidence. 

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