Events in January

Forthcoming Events

Fri 22nd January

Netflix & Chill with Urban Dance Society
7pm - 9pm
Join us for Netflix & Chill

Mon 25th January

Learn how to juggle
5:30pm - 6:30pm
A class where a circus skills professional can teach you how to juggle in a creative way using items from your home!
Dance Society: This Girl Can Taught Classes
7:15pm - 9pm
Join us for #thisgirlcan Yoga & Choreo!
Monday Is Among Us
8pm - 10pm
Discord Server

Tue 26th January

Hatton Boxing
7pm - 7:45pm
A mixture of 3 minute rounds consisting of boxing combinations for abs, lower body routines and cardio drills to help you reach your fitness goals.

Wed 27th January

Mooting Workshop - Law Society
4pm - 6pm
Blackboard, Webinar
Online Core Class
5pm - 6pm
Keep it Movin' with UWLSU
Online Core Class (Every Wednesday)
5pm - 6pm
Keep it Movin' with UWLSU

Thu 28th January

Swing Train
6pm - 7pm
A fun-loving dance work-out to swing music that requires no experience - even if you think you have two left feet before you start, you will think otherwise afterwards!

Fri 29th January

This Girl Can Female Playwright Workshop
7pm - 9pm
Join UWL Drama Society this Jan as part of TGC!

Sat 30th January

Sun 31st January

6:30pm - 6:45pm
15-minute guided sessions with a wellness coach to help reduce stress, increase calmness and promote happiness.
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