Freshers Crew

Each year, to make your Freshers’ the best it can be we take on a huge number of students to play a major role in enhancing new students’ experiences.

These students are known as our Freshers’ Crew and they are easily identified by the fabulous T-shirts they all wear throughout Freshers’.

Why students, you ask? Who better to make a new students experience the best it can be, answer the difficult questions about starting uni and help with settling in than students who have recently gone through all of that themselves?

Any student can be a member of Freshers’ Crew so long as you will still be a student when Freshers’ comes round again! All you have to do is look out for when applications open, apply, get the role and attend training! That’s it your all set to play a huge part in making new students feel welcome at UWL.

Take a look at the last few years of Freshers’ Crew and watch this space later in the year for your chance to join them next year!



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