Graduation 2017

Congratulations on your graduation from UWLSU!

We hope you’ve had an absolutely amazing time studying at UWL. We’ve loved getting to know you and supporting you throughout your time here. No matter what you’ve got planned next we are here to help you achieve everything that you want.

Graduation is a super celebration of your success! You should be really proud of everything you’ve achieved. Have an incredible day celebrating with your friends, family and your teachers. We’ll be there, cheering you on as always!

Once you’ve had your graduation ceremony and got your hands on your certificate, it’s time to make sure you take full advantage of being a UWL graduate. We are here to make sure you can make the most of graduation!

Have an amazing graduation and good luck in your next step and remember that we are here to help!


Now it’s time to find out what’s in store as a UWL graduate…



Continue to save cash as a graduate!

Even as a graduate we can make sure you keep your hands on student discounts - with our exclusive NUS Extra graduate offer.

You can buy your card right now with us today and keep saving. But you’ve got to hurry, as time is running out to keep your discounts! Don’t miss out on saving up to £500 a year – get a graduate student card today exclusively with UWLSU. You've only got a few weeks to buy your card and to keep saving.




Celebrate and make the most of graduation!

We have a range of affordable and high quality graduation merchandise that you can buy at graduation to help you celebrate your success with your family and friends.

Drop by and see us at Graduation for a full view of everything we have available! Or you can browse all of our merchandise to take those memories of UWL with you - to buy just browse and order online.





Remember your time at UWL and make memories last!

Look back at everything you’ve achieved whilst studying at UWL, the new things you’ve tried and the skills you’ve picked up.

Our free exclusive Graduate Annual 2017 is here to help keep the memories close and remind you of the community of thousands that you’ve joined by being part of UWLSU. You submitted your memories and comments about your time here and the things that you've achieved with UWLSU.







Are you looking for more information on Graduation, what to expect and where to go and when? 

All the information you need is available on the university graduation pages - click here to go to the university graduation information pages.



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