I want to run a club/society fundraiser; do I put in a proposal for the events enterprise project?

No. The events enterprise project is separate to club/society events. 


Does my event idea need to link to my course?

No. Your event idea can be anything you want (within reason!). If you want to run a themed party, submit that idea. If you want to run a charity fundraiser, submit that event.


Can I submit more than one idea?

Yes. If you’ve got loads of ideas for different events you would like to run you can submit more than one proposal.


Can we submit an idea as a team?

Yes. If there’s a bunch of you who want to run the same event you can submit your idea as a team. You will need to give us details of a lead contact and then include everyone else’s name in the proposal (there is a box for you to do this).


Do I have to be a current student?

Yes. The events enterprise project is only for current students of UWL.


When does my event have to take place?

It must take place during term time.


How much funding is available?

£500 per project.


I have an idea for an event but I don’t want to run it, can I still put in a proposal?

No. The events enterprise project is specifically for students who want to have a go at running an event with the support of the students’ union. If you have ideas about what events you think the students’ union can run, or activities that we should be putting on, please email Kat, Vice-President Student Activities and Participation.


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