Team Representation is here to make sure that students have a say in how their education works at UWL. Our helpful team will support and encourage students and staff at UWL to work together to create the best experience possible at UWL.

The team supports course reps throughout the year along with the university, and we gather 1000s of opinions from students that we feed back to the university and work with staff to make the student experience better for all students.

What can we do for you?

Team Representation now has an accessible online hub full of tools for course reps, students and UWL staff which are all designed to help students feed into the system at UWL and improve the experience for all students at the university.

Here are some of the main things we do:

Training, developing, supporting and rewarding course reps 

Gathering opinions and feedback from students about all areas of university life  and work to improve their experience

Provide guidance for UWL staff with supporting course reps and using students’ views to improve their experience 

Contact the Team

Helen Pritchard | Vice President Education |

Matt Myles-Brown | Representation Manager |

Ed Castell | Research and Insight Coordinator |

Zahra Choudhry | Student Voice Intern |

Cayleigh Morgan | Student Voice Intern |

We have a number of Quality Assistants who are all full-time students at UWL working for UWLSU to support schools directly:

Jacob Mulgrew | London School of Film, Media and Design |

Kirsty Hoggins | School of Human and Social Sciences |

Louise Businghe | School of Computing & Technology |

Eddy Ku | The Claude Littner Business School |

Trisha Byrne | London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism |

Cherre Patel | Ealing Law School | 

Chloe Shimmin | London College of Music | 

Emma Moss | College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare | 



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