Team Representation is here to make sure that students have a say in how their education is undertaken at UWL. Our helpful team supports and encourages both students and staff at UWL to work together to create the best experience possible for all who live, work, and grow at UWL. In partnership with the university, the representation team supports course reps throughout the year. We also gather thousands of opinions from students, which we feed back to the university, and to directly to staff. We do this to make sure that the student experience continually improves to represent who you are and what you need. 


   What can we do for you?   


Team Representation now has an accessible online hub full of tools for course reps, students and UWL staff. This space has been designed and created in order to help students communicate with the system at UWL more easily, and to effectively improve the experience for all students at the university. Some of the main actions we are responsible for are:


   Contact the Team   


Zahra Choudry | Vice President Education |

Matt Myles-Brown | Representation Manager |

Ed Castell | Research and Insight Coordinator |

Stefanie Cooper | Student Voice Intern |


   School Representatives   


All our School Representatives are all full-time students at UWL. They work on behalf of UWLSU to make sure each school within the university is supported and understood:


Jacob Mulgrew | London School of Film, Media and Design |

Philip Charles | School of Human and Social Sciences |

Louise Businghe | School of Computing & Engineering |

Mailis Zlatin | The Claude Littner Business School |

Cathleen Moodie | London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism |

Kyla Burton | School of Law and Criminology | 

Sanna Mahmood | London College of Music | 

Andrew Haydon & Emma Moss | College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare | 



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