Sabbatical Officers   


VP Activities and Participation

VP Education

Kat Hackshaw

Jacob Pepper

Janine Braithwaite



   Senior Management Team   


Acting Deputy CEO                                                                              





Kat Stark

Tye McMahon



   Communications Team   

Communications Manager                        

Communications Coordinator                   

  Creative Comms Producer                      


Carol Oakley

George Cole

Marcus Butt




Communications Coordinator

         NSS Coordinator



Freda Chisambi

Cayleigh Morgan




   People and Compliance Team   

People and Compliance Manager  

Executive Coordinator                  

Office Coordinator                        



Amy Harris-Sandstrom

Katie Lyons

Vanessa Dankyi



   Partnership Team   

Partnership Manager                               

Partnership Coordinator (Brentford)         

Partnership Coordinator (Berkshire)    


Lucy Hayes

Naveed Latif

George Middleton-Baker



   Representation Team   

Representation Manager                             

Performance and Insight Analyst                 

Membership Voice & Insight Manager        

Matthew Myles-Brown

Ed Castell

Rachel Mundy

Senior Democracy Manager




Sam Mujunga




   Advice and Outreach   

Advice and Outreach Manager


Student Support Coordinator


Andy Irwin


Tanya Wijesinghe




Student Advisor


Student Advisor


Mariam Masud


Darren Douglas




Commercial Manager


Commercial Coordinator


Jackie Crossman


Samantha Nelson



   Community and Belonging   


Student Activities and Participation Manager                                   

Participation and Events Manager                                            

Student Events Coordinator                      

Charlie Benson

Tegan Pickles

Michael Odejobi




Community Development Coordinator

Community Development Coordinator

Marketing and Sponsorship Intern                                                 

Sian Kincaide

Zander Lavall

Ollie Lozada



   Finance Team   


Finance Assistant

Finance Assistant



Hamna Azam

Pushpa Jani

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