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Launching the UWLSU Collective: What is it and how can you get involved?

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Launching the UWLSU Collective: What is it and how can you get involved?

Interested in getting involved with the Student Union? Have a creative flair, a knack for writing or simply want to be a part of a new virtual community? Well, the SU is in the process of launching a new initiative called the UWLSU Collective. The aim of the collective is to build a virtual community that is a hub for inspiring content made by student for students.

We have various opportunities for you those who want to get involved in the collective so don’t worry if you’re not a writer or familiar with photography. You don’t have to be from a specific degree pathway either! After all, we want this collective to be open to all students and a platform for you to share your content ideas in any shape or form!

Here are some examples of the opportunities on offer:

We’re looking for content creation to be shared on social media as well as the website. This can include:

  • Recipe's
  • Ted Talks
  • Self-care
  • Make-up looks,
  • Discussions
  • News articles
  • Interviews
  • Debates
  • Comedy
  • Poems
  • Art?
  • Sport & Fitness

We also have some behind the scenes work that you might be interested in such as Assistance with photoshoots/videoshoots once lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

You are also more than welcome to suggest any other ideas that you might have, we’re more than happy to hear your suggestions!

Why get involved with the collective?

  • Enhance your CV
  • Gain experience for portfolios such as media and production
  • Contribute to the establishment of a virtual community
  • Create compelling content that inspires others
  • Share your skills and passion with others

Want to get involved? You can express your interest and get in touch with us by sending an email to  

We look forward to hearing from you!

Don’t forget to check out our social media channels for all the latest news and developments in the SU!


Words - @Bizzystudentlife 



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