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Black History Month

October marks Black History month here in the UK. This month gives everyone the opportunity to celebrate, learn and understand more about Black history and the impact that black culture has today. Have a look at the list of events we have going on this year.

Black History Month Logo

What is Black Excellence?   

As we all know October is Black History Month! Here at UWLSU, we run a social media campaign each year to celebrate our amazing Black students and staff here at the University of West London. We also use this time to highlight inspirational activists and celebrities that help to uplift the Black community.  

Why is it important?

Black History month is very important because the contribution from the Black community tends to be over looked or ignored. This month gives everyone the opportunity to celebrate, learn and understand more about the impact of Black culture.  

Here at the Student Union, we want to continue empowering and supporting Black students throughout their studies and ensure that everyone is fairly treated. If you have any concerns, please email us at 


Have a look at the full list of events we're running below!

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