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You’ve had it drummed into you since your GCSE’s; The key to doing well in your exams? Good planning, more often than not, through a revision timetable.


Here at UWLSU we understand that the exams can seem like a big hurdle on your way to getting your degree, but we’ve got your back this exam season, with this easy to use revision timetable, sure to help you with each step on your road to success. 



But what are the benefits of using a revision timetable?

By taking on each task bit by bit, you will stay motivated and you’ll feel amazing when you get to tick off the different items. This tool will be useful in helping you to overcome any exam pressure.


Your revision timetable is a personal resource, and should work around YOU. That’s why this timetable is flexible and aims to help you balance your existing commitments, hobbies and study.


Before you jump straight into your revision timetable, its really important that you break your study down into smaller goals. By knowing what you’re trying to achieve, be it four topics per module, you can at least plan your study around this goal. Make sure when you’re thinking of your goals, that they’re SMART.


Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.




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