Dave Titley - UWLSU President


My name is Dave Titley (better known as Big Dave!) and I am the President of your Students’ Union!

I was elected by UWL students to represent you, both academically and socially. Last year I graduated in Events Management from UWL and this is my second term in office as your President. My role is to ensure you’re getting the representation, advice and opportunities you need to succeed and thrive at this university.

Giving students part-time jobs and work experience opportunities relevant to your course, and making socialising at UWL more affordable to students are just two of the many things that I will be focusing on this year. However, you can contact me about absolutely anything involving your time at UWL; I am here to help you!

I have an amazing team around me here at UWLSU, and together we can help and advise you with anything. From student housing, halls, finance and lectures to simply advising you on the best places to go out and to make the most of what West London has to offer!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email, Twitter or Facebook or come and say hi in the SU!

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