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My name is Zahra and I’m going to be your new Vice President of Education. I have done my degree and will shortly be doing my Masters here at UWLSU. I have also been a Course Rep and ambassador, so I know a lot about how the University is run.

As Vice President of Education, my priorities are:

Diversify and reduce assessments to make sure you are being tested in the right ways and stop multiple assessment submission in the same week.

Timetable more effectively- introduce optional drop in support sessions during breaks.

Increase the range of employers and connections on campus so that you leave with an understanding of where you want to go.

Bring more technology into the classroom, and allow for the option of flexibility in learning independently, including from home.

Implement a more effective communication system, so concerns are heard and amended as soon they arise, especially in terms of feedback.

I want to ensure personal tutors communicate with you and help your development and wellbeing at university.

I want to improve access to resources at Paragon and Reading, including printing, books, and support staff.


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