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I'm Kat and I'm your new Vice President of Activities and Participation.

During my time as a UWL student I completed a degree in events management, undertook the role of UWL Netball treasurer and worked in the communications team, so I know a lot about how the University is run.

It’s amazing that the students at UWL elected me to be VP! I am ready to bring you some fun, exciting events, ensuring that all students at UWL make the most out of their time at University.

As Vice President of Activities and Participation, my priorities are:

Would you like a communal area or extracurricular activity to be brought to your doorstep? I want more opportunities and events for paragon campus.

Every student should have free Wednesday afternoons to participate in societies and activities. I will make this happen.

Why don’t we celebrate more worldwide cultural events like Diwali or Chinese New Year? I promise to introduce this by diversifying student events.

We need better representation for sports and societies. I pledge to speak 121 to every president and captain and see how we can improve your experience. 

I promise to create a partnership with Reading University to ensure all Reading Campus students have an amazing university experience.


Contact me on: su.activities@uwl.ac.uk 

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