Here at UWLSU, we know that it can get a little stressful while your studying for your summer exams. Just remember, you're so close to the end of term, just one last hurdle. 

That's why this exam period, UWLSU is supporting you by providing you with different resources to help with revision, so you can truly enjoy your summer. 

On this webpage, you will find everything from helping with revision space with snacks included to making sure you're aware of the universities exam rules. Theres even a unique revision timetable creator, some of our top tips for staying on top of your wellbeing and where you can get support should you need it!


Revise Wise

Revise wise, aims to make sure you're equipped with the tools that you need so you can optimise your study time.



Feel Wise

Exams can be a hectic time, knowing the rules and remembering to take care of yourself take a back seat. Use these resources as gentle reminders while you're studying.


Relax Wise

Relaxwise is our off campus activity that will happen outside exam halls, in Ealing Town Hall.  Once you've completed your exam, we will be there to chat to you, with some freebies to congratulate you on getting through your studies.

Just grab a bag and be on your way, either to revise for the next exam, or celebrate being done for the academic year!

Our Advice on Tour team will be around and there will even be the opportunity to talk to staff about graduate opportunities if you're not ready to just fall into bed by the end of exams! 



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