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AGM Instructions

Instructions for upcoming Student Groups and Sport Team AGMs and Elections

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Student Groups just couldn't run without the commitment and creativity of our amazing student leaders!

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Nominate Yourself

Remember to include a short bio (up to 300 words) about who you are, what position you are running for, and why!

Nomination Form

Why should I get involved?

Being a committee member is a fantastic opportunity to learn or build on a wide range of skills which could be beneficial to you in your future. There are continuous opportunities to undertake learning and development opportunities throughout the year including free First Aid and Mental Health First Aid Courses amongst other learning and development sessions. Also, you may even win an Award at our Annual SU Awards Night!

This is a fantastic opportunity to take part in a leading role in a club or society that you feel passionately about. You can help develop the club to be the best it can be! You will get the chance to meet likeminded students, as well as develop your personal skills, knowledge and employability skills through a range of opportunities.

We also will hold a summer training session for all newly elected committee members on the 31st of May.

What committee members say:

Our previous committee members have spoken about the most valuable experiences they have gained from being student leaders. Here are just a FEW of the reasons you might want to consider getting involved:

“Being an integral part of a society, you really care about”

“Getting to see your members bond and grow”

“Creating amazing friendships”

“Gaining industry experience”

“Being able to meet amazing people and be proud of their achievements”


Nominating yourself for a position

What Positions are available?

You can find more information about some of the positions you can expect to see by clicking here, however some student groups may have additional/specialist roles that may catch your eye so feel free to check out all of our groups pages to find these.

Click here for all of our societies pages 

Click here for all or sports clubs pages 


What is the nominations process?

  • First things first, you'll need to grab yourself a FREE AGM membership for each different group you go for a position in. 

e.g  if I was going for a Chairperson role for in the Gaming Society - I would need an AGM membership for the Gaming society 

If I was going for a Club Captain role in Netball team - I would also need an AGM membership for the Netball team

  • Next up, you need to nominate yourself following the instructions below. Once you have done the above that’s it!

After the deadline we take all nominations and put them on to the student groups page for the position you have nominated yourself for. Then once voting opens, the members of that group are able to vote.


How do I nominate myself?

Nominating yourself couldn’t be easier!

  • All you need to do is fill out the nominations form in as much detail as possible, you can find the form by clicking here 

Remember to sell yourself and your ideas in this bio! this will make up part of your online manifesto

  • If you woud like to, send us a JPEG Photo no larger than 10MB in size. (So people know who you are and to support your bio/manifesto) Please add this in the form.

You must include your Full name, Student number, Position you are running for and what group in the subject line e.g. Subject: Jessica Smith, 0209331, Chairperson, Gaming

We will take it from there and get your details entered and ready for voting!


Key Dates

Election's nominations: 18th of April at 6pm - 2nd of May at 9am

Free AGM Memberships: Go live on the 18th April at 6pm and expire on the 16th of May at 5pm

Voting Period: 9th May - 16th May 5pm

Results: Will be sent to all succesful students by Week commencing May the 16th 

Summer Training: 31st of May - Location TBC


Are there any rules and regulations?

  •  So, whilst you are able to run for as many roles as you’d like in a Student Group, you can only hold one position per Student Group. However you can have a max of 2 across dfierent student groups .
  • Each Committee must have at least 2 committee members.
  • There are also Student Group Rules that every Committee Member will be expected to sign and adhere too. These will be issued to you in due course if you are successful in the elections 
  • In the Result of a Tied Election, we will hold a coin toss to decide the winner of the election. However, if there are vacant roles available within the Student Group, the runner up in this scenario will be offered to hold one of these positions.




Who can vote?

Anyone with a curent Membership or an AGM membership can vote in these elections. Please remember you will need to head to the whichever group you want to participate in voting/nominations to get an AGM membership for that group.


How do I vote?

  • You need to go to and head to your groups page. You’ll need to log in to the website using your log in details for this, and then at the bottom of your that specific groups page it will have the elections section for you to vote.

It will show the roles in Alphabetical order so please bare this in mind when looking for a specific role to vote for.

  • You then click on the person of who you wish to vote for. Then click on the next role and do the same until you have voted for every role.

Then click Submit vote at the end and just like that you have voted!

  • Remember to read the candidates bios/manifestos before you vote to see what they want to do for you and your group.


When Can I Vote?

Voting opens on 9th of May until the 16th of May at 5pm. You are only able to vote through the Website and for groups that you are a paid member of or have an AGM membership for.


When will I find out the Results?

Results will be emailed to all members of the group, after the week W/C of May.


Who is RON and why are they in every election?

R.O.N stands for Re-Open Nominations and is your chance to vote for a candidate (instead of abstaining). Should RON win, this role will then be open for people to run for again and we will host another election for this position.


What if I don’t want to vote for anyone?

You don’t have too. Simply do not click on anyone for the role and you won’t cast a vote for that position.

It’s not letting me vote what can I do?

First make sure you’re logged into the Website. Then go to the group’s page. If the problem persists then get in touch with the SU. If you are having any issues voting during this time please email and we will respond when we can.