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Your Students' Union is democratically led, and each year three students are elected by you to work full-time in the Union and represent your views to the university.

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Driven by culture, drama, art or politics? Enrich your time at UWL with our 30+ societies.

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From casual games to competitions, joining a club is one of the best decisions you can make.

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Get involved with digital news, journalism, student radio or TV broadcasting while studying.

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Buddy Scheme
3rd March - 3rd June
Find a friend at UWLSU!
Balancing Life in collaboration with UWL Wellbeing Champions
9th March
With the International Students' Society
TikTok Challenge with Urban Dance Society
10th March
Join us this February for a TikTok Challenge!
The Challenge of Educating for a Future Britain
10th March
In this public event, Prof Gus John explores possibilities of a socially and racially just education in future Britain.