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Create Your Own


Download useful documents.

Have a great idea for a new club or society? We want to help you get it started!

Please fill in the form attached on the left, and read through this page for everything you need to know.


This Form will be active at 3 different periods across the 23/24 academic year. Please see below for dates:

Window 1: 

July 1st till August 18th 

All request will be picked up within 7 working days.

Window 2:

18th September till 24th November

During this time, please know we will be delivering the freshers program and will aim to get back to your request by end of October. 

Window 3: 

8th of Janurary till 23rd of Feb

All request will be picked up within 7 working days.

Please note any group set up during this period will only run for half a year.

The Perks 

Starting a new group has loads of benefits. On top of making a whole new group of friends, the benefits also include: 

  • Great addition to your CV 

  • Support, learning and development opportunities 

  • Networking and collaboration with other groups 

  • The opportunity to put on events 

  • Access to rooms and facilities 

  • Funding *(where applicable and not guaranteed) 

There are 3 steps to applying to start your own group: 


Make sure the group doesn’t exist already! It sounds obvious, but triple check on our societies and sports club webpages to make sure your idea or something similar doesn’t already exist


Fill out the application form, making sure you have other students who would want to join your group, to make sure it will be a success! 


A member of our community & belonging team will be in touch, so keep an eye on your student email... 

Get together with a group of your friends from UWL to sit down and discuss what the basic activities and functions of your club are going to be. Will you be going on trips, are you discussing something, are you training? 

You then need to choose a committee! You must have a Club Captain/Chairperson and Group Administrator. You can also have other committee members, here’s a list of roles and their responsibilities: 

  • Club Captain (Sports): Contribute to the success of players and club, as well as act as a role model for the group and make sure the team and UWLSU’s views and values are upheld 

  • Chairperson (Societies): Uphold the views of the society and UWLSU and represent group members, guiding them through their time with you 

  • Group Administrator: Cover all the admin work, e.g. room bookings, training sessions, group finances 

  • Communications Manager: Create content and distribute all group communications (emails, social media, event promotion) 

  • Inclusion Manager: Challenge inequality and encourage equal and fair opportunities for all members 

  • Events Manager: Planning and executing a range of events within the group and for the wider UWL community 

  • Captain (Sports): Lead your team on the pitch and promote the best from your players 

You will need to attract a minimum of two people but getting as many students as possible interested will make your chances of success a lot higher. At this stage, they don’t need to pay anything, but you will need to collect their names and contact information on the provided sheet in the application pack. 

Lastly, look carefully at the questions on the application pack and fill in the answers the best that you can. 

Remember, if you have any questions, please visit the SU front desk at SMR, or contact us at