Your Voice

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Meet your Sabbatical Officers

Every year all UWL students get the chance to vote for your leadership! You vote for three students to become Sabbatical Officers and represent your interests, speak on your behalf and run the SU.

Student Voice

At UWL your voice matters. Your SU Student Voice Team supports you with any feedback or academic issue you may encounter during your time at UWL.

You can use the Student Voice Process by either going through your Course Rep, School Rep, or coming straight to the Student Voice Team and we'll support you to work with UWL to create the changes you want to see. We want to empower you to own your education!

The Student Voice Team at UWLSU run the Elections, the Course Rep Programme and represent student at UWL Boards and Committees.


Every year UWLSU runs two Elections.

The first is in November where students elect an NUS Delegate to represent UWL at the NUS National Conference in April. The second is in March where students elect three Sabbatical Officers to lead UWLSU and represent students to UWL. Any current UWLSU student can run and vote in both elections.

Course Reps

A course rep is a student who has been elected to represent the students on their course in their year level. Course Reps gather the views and opinions of their peers and communicate that feedback to lecturers and the University staff. They are supported by the Students' Union.

Course Reps are the primary link between staff and students and this program gives students ownership over their education. We don’t want our institution to only work for a certain type of student – we want this university to be accessible to everyone and Course Reps are a great way we can make this happen.

Find out more about Course Reps and how to become one.

Course reps