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Yash Arora

Your Activities Officer is here to make sure your social life is absolutely on point at UWL, from getting the right funding for your favourite clubs and societies to making sure events are inclusive and accessible.

Yash Arora, VP of Activities
Stella Webb, VP Activities and Participation

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A bit about me

My name is Yash, and I am currently studying for a master's degree in psychology. Since I arrived in the UK in September 2022, I threw myself into a fitness-oriented lifestyle, with the help of UWLSU. I really enjoy the classes put on by the gym, especially jiu-jitsu. I got involved in planning loads of events through my time at uni and I'm excited to continue both of these passions in my role as VP of Activities. 

Manifesto aims

The priorities I have chosen for myself revolve creating an inclusive, engaging and sociable space within UWL for all students.

My main priority this year is to put on more cultural activities for students! I want to celebrate the diverse, rich cultures across the uni and give people safe spaces to enjoy events with others.  

The second priority I will work towards is to help student groups to improve their engagement on social media. I believe that societies and sports teams provide an extremely valuable experience for students and by creating great marketing materials, they can reach a wider audience of students. 

Lastly, I want to encourage students to engage in community outreach. I strongly believe in the power of giving back, especially through volunteering and charitable activities.  

What I’m hoping to achieve this year

I hope to create an environment within the Students’ Union where students feel included and welcome. I want everyone to have the opportunity to be involved in all that university has to offer outside of studies. Whether that’s events, activities, student groups or volunteering, I want there to be something available for all students that will enrich their time here. I hope to see UWLSU engaging more students and enabling them to find their community and thrive. 

What I love about UWLSU

I love the SU staff’s warm and welcoming attitude, their willingness to help others and their understanding nature. Working closely with them, I have seen firsthand the incredible effort they put into making the student experience exceptional. I feel fortunate to be part of a team that genuinely cares about students and their well-being.