Ancha Joof

Your Activities Officer is here to make sure your social life is absolutely on point at UWL, from getting the right funding for your favourite clubs and societies to making sure events are inclusive and accessible.

Ancha Joof, VP Activities and Participation

A bit about me

I arrived at UWL back in 2016 as a Hospitality Management and Food Studies student. Signing up to the netball team during my first Freshers Fair was an absolute game changer! From this moment on, my experience just got better and better. I was able to find out about all the amazing things the SU do for their membership and this inspired me to run for a sabb position.

Manifesto aims

I will be working on creating a BAME leaders’ network for UWL students and making the campuses at UWL much more environmentally friendly.

What I’m hoping to achieve this year

This year I’m working with my excellent Sabb colleagues Janine and Jacob and we are all committed to making sure that you have the best time at UWL and also that you’re supported and your voices are heard. Please get in contact with us if you have any questions or comments, we are here for you guys and I look forward to seeing you around campus.

What I love about UWLSU

I'm so passionate about getting students involved and seeing their potential and I encourage you to get involved with the SU as they can really help you on this journey to success. They are an amazing organisation and they are great at what they do.