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Lewis Dixon

Your Activities Officer is here to make sure your social life is absolutely on point at UWL, from getting the right funding for your favourite clubs and societies to making sure events are inclusive and accessible.

Lewis Dixon, VP of Activities
Stella Webb, VP Activities and Participation

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A bit about me

I started my journey at UWL in 2016, studying BA (Hons) Musical Theatre with foundation. In my first year at uni, it took me a while to settle in and meet new friends. It was when I joined the Gaming Society that I really felt like I had met people with my same interests. I later joined the rugby team and continued to build new friendships. The sense of community within the  SU drove me to become a part of the men’s rugby committee and also work in Freddie’s! Alongside this role, I am working towards my master's in music performance. 

Manifesto aims

My main aims this year surround accessibility for students to try new sports and helping those from minority and disadvantaged backgrounds to be able to join in with other students with various activities. 

I also wish to make events safer for our students. This includes having sufficient female security at events, practical lids for cups and the continuation of sexual violence prevention alongside the SU President. In addition, I wish to create a safe space at events, for students who suffer from over sensitisation and anxiety to be able to have a break. 

My final priority is to have a better catalogue of events and facilities at our Reading campus. Reading is home to a large chunk of UWL’s student nurses and midwives who deserve the same student experience that we deliver at our main campus. 

What I’m hoping to achieve this year

I hope to achieve a higher rate of students engaging in our student led groups and sports teams with an increase in representation and inclusion from our minority and underrepresented groups. I hope to create a community hub for under privileged students and enable them to join in activities by raising funds and clothes drives to donate for student use. 

This year, I hope to improve our presence at the Reading campus to enhance the experience our students have who are based there. I am going to work closely with students to better understand how we and meet their needs and make sure they have the best time at uni. 

What I love about UWLSU

Our students’ union is a safe space for all students. Everything that happens in the SU is for students, whether it’s helping them with any issues, creating strong communities or putting on fun events! It’s a welcoming place on campus that has something for everyone. It really does put students as the figure head and advocates for change and I am so proud to be able to voice that with our students.