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Paul Hutchings

Your Education Officer helps you to get the most out of your degree and academic interests, making sure your views are represented in the classroom.

Paul Hutchings, VP of Education
Alessio Di Vitto, VP Education

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A little bit about me

I arrived at UWL in 2017, originally studying Hospitality Management and Food Studies with a foundation year. After completing my foundation year, I decided to make the switch over to a course that suited me a bit better – Events Management. I signed up to Snowsports from day 1 at university, throwing myself into the group trips and socials. Signing up to Snowsports was the best thing I did when I started university because I made loads of new friends and grew my confidence in every way. 

Manifesto aims

My main focus for this year is to improve students’ accessibility to mental health support. I will achieve this by making sure our wellbeing services are well signposted and approachable. This will enable students to feel more confident in getting the support they need when they need it. 
I will be aiming to improve communication between staff and students when it comes to extensions and mitigations. Training lecturers in wellbeing protocols and the difficulties students may face will hopefully help to create a more open line of communication between students and academics. 
I also want to challenge the cuts on the creative courses. Our university holds so many talented students, by showcasing what they do, we can prove the importance of the creative courses and the careers that follow. 

What I’m hoping to achieve this year

This year I hope to make a difference in the attitude towards the way students’ wellbeing is intertwined with their education. It’s important that everyone feels comfortable giving and receiving help and students feel supported through their studies. 

I am also hoping to showcase what our students achieve and are capable of when we give them the right support and access to anything they need at university. 

What I love about UWLSU

I love being part of UWLSU because it makes me feel included and involved in something special. The students’ union has been a huge part of my experience at UWL and has offered me a sense of belonging and community. I am so excited to play a part in everything they stand for.