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Alessio Di Vito

Your Education Officer helps you to get the most out of your degree and academic interests, making sure your views are represented in the classroom.

Alessio Di Vito
Alessio Di Vitto, VP Education

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A little bit about me

I started my journey at UWL in 2016 studying Psychology with Foundation year, now I am completing my Master’s in Health Psychology. A key turning point in my journey was when I became a Course Rep and a School Rep, I enjoyed collecting feedback from my peers and building solid relationships with academic staff. As an international and mature student, it is not always been easy, but the SU and UWL supported me when I needed it and gave me plenty of opportunities to develop. These experiences gave me the confidence to run for the current position, that is why now I want to work alongside every single one of you to make sure all the students receive the same empowering experience that I did.  

Manifesto aims

I will be working on the quality of education both in terms of face-to-face and online teaching with a focus on making sure students are not disadvantaged by the impact of Covid-19. I am also going to be working on embedding resilience classes in the academic curriculum or during induction next year. Finally, I will be focusing on making the campuses more sustainable and growing our students’ sustainability network.

What I’m hoping to achieve this year

As your VP of Education, my main priorities are making sure your academic experience is the best that it could possibly be, and you know that your voice has the power to create changes. I will advocate to include more awareness and resources to improve resilience and accessibility to mental health support. Also, I will work alongside UWL to bring more biodiversity on campus, cut waste and offer students the opportunity to make a difference and learn transferable skills – check out the Sustainability Network.  

If there is anything that worries you do not hesitate to get in contact with me, or my amazing colleagues, Stella (President) and Glory (VP Activities). Together we will work on a number of shared priorities including but not limited to ensuring graduation ceremony and supporting international students.

What I love about UWLSU

The atmosphere, support, and staff at UWLSU are amazing! Plus, plenty of opportunities to develop and learn new skills. We really want the best for all students. Contact us if you want to get involve and shape your higher education journey.