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Ayan Bebal

Your Education Officer helps you to get the most out of your degree and academic interests, making sure your views are represented in the classroom.

Ayan Bebal, VP of Education
Ayan Bebal, VP of Education

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A little bit about me

In 2022, I began my MSc Software Engineering studies at UWL. Through the Enhanced Extended master's program, I connected with remarkable friends who encouraged me to run for NUS Delegate. Representing students and actively participating in the Students’ Union proved rewarding. This led to me running for my current role, Vice President of Education. 

Embracing challenges and self-improvement became my guiding principles, empowering me to overcome obstacles and pursue personal growth. The prestigious Leadership Awards fuelled my confidence and equipped me with invaluable skills and knowledge, igniting my passion to create a lasting impact in the spheres of education and leadership. 

Manifesto aims

This year, my first priority surrounds improving Language Skills Support. I hope to help students overcome language barriers, boost confidence, and improve communication and retention. I'll promote students to utilise UWL Study Support to help to tackle language challenges. 

To enhance the university experience, my second priority is to establish a Course Network and introduce the Buddy Project. This will work to foster diversity, boost engagement, and create a welcoming atmosphere for students. 

My last priority focusses on a subject that is incredibly important to me; mental health. I hope to provide assistance to students who need it during their assessments, as well as raise awareness about the topic over the year. Together, we can build a supportive campus environment. 

What I love about UWLSU

I'm proud to be part of UWLSU, the top-ranked Students’ Union in the country, which prioritises student feedback for continuous improvement. They offer exceptional support, exciting opportunities, and a wide range of events for personal and professional growth. UWLSU creates an inspiring atmosphere, actively listening to our concerns and implementing positive changes. It's a place where our voices truly matter, empowering us to develop, thrive, and succeed.