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Stella Webb

Your President represents your voice to the University and at a national level.

Stella Webb
Ancha Joof, President

A little bit about me

I started at UWL in 2017 and within a week I was immersed in the SU. I had joined the Netball team, became a Course Rep and later joined the Cheerleading team. Straight away I could see the amazing work the SU was doing and really wanted to get more involved! In my second year I became a Student Resident Assistant and after working in this role, I was inspired to become a sabb so that I could continue to work for and represent the students! I have had a fantastic year working as your Vice President of Activities and Participation and cannot wait to continue working with you this year as your President!

Manifesto aims

This year I will be:

  • Continuing to work on Sexual Violence Awareness, Prevention and Reporting in collaboration with UWL
  • Working with UWL to remove hidden course costs
  • Improving Inclusivity, including with Recreational Spaces

What I’m hoping to achieve this year

This year I am aiming to create an inclusive, fun and safe environment for every student at UWL. I hope to integrate Consent Training as part of Induction which looks to improve the culture at the University. This is only a minor part of the wider policy work surrounding Sexual Violence Prevention. We will also be hosting our second Sexual Violence Awareness Week. 

Alongside this I look to work with UWL to uncover any hidden course costs so that you can have a transparent University Experience. 

I am also looking forward to working with Glory to create a new and exciting activity and events program for the all new and improved SU Bar!!!

What I love about UWLSU

I’ve never met a group of people who care about students more. The UWLSU staff will go above and beyond to ensure that students are getting the best experience they possibly can - and I cannot wait to continue working with this amazing team!