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Maisie Kelly

Your President represents your voice to the University and at a national level.

Maisie Kelly, President
Maisie Kelly, President

A little bit about me

I started studying BA (Hons) Performance and Recording in 2019 at UWL. I had studied musical theatre most of my life, and after discovering the university I found the perfect course for me. I threw myself into my new life and became involved in the SU from the beginning. Being part of Snowsports and Cheerleading was one of the best decisions I made because I found my closest friends and a huge community of amazing people. I later went on to be on the Cheerleading committee and work in the SU bar and café! 

My aims for this year

This year, I’ll be continuing my work on sexual violence awareness and prevention. My aim for this project is to inform more people about the subject and make our students feel as safe as possible.  

I’m also passionate about furthering the support for students with learning disabilities. As a student who has struggled with this over my time in schooling, I want to educate UWL lecturers more on these topics to create an open conversation on specific disabilities, and so all lecturers know how to support students.  

During this year I want ensure that I am advocating for cost-of-living support on behalf of all students. I hope to be able to come up with new ways to help within the university and really push for change to be made. 


What I love about UWLSU

Coming to UWL was one of the best decisions I have made. the variety of people I have met during my time here has been amazing. The high level of facilities and staff means I have the best opportunity to further my education and career. The thing I have loved most about my time here is the SU. The support they offer is invaluable and I am so grateful to be included in their legacy as the no.1 SU in the country! I can’t wait for September and to meet all of you. It's going to be an amazing year!