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Course Reps

Create positive change on your course by becoming a rep. You'll also gain vital skills and make new friends for life - what's not to love?

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What is a Course Rep?

A Course Representative is a student who has been elected to represent the students on their course at their year level. Course Reps gather the views and opinions of their peers and communicate that feedback to lecturers and the University of West London staff. They are trained and supported by the Students' Union.

Why do we need Course Reps?

Students understand what students need better than anyone else!

Couse Reps are the primary link between staff and students and this programme gives students ownership over their education. We don’t want our institution to only work for a certain type of student – we want this university to be accessible to everyone and Course Reps are a great way we can make this happen.

Why should I be a Course Rep?

Gain skills

  • Our training courses will help you gain skills in public speaking, communication, time management, organising, and much more!
  • Receive credits towards a Higher Education Achievement Award, which will be printed on your academic degree transcript.
  • Try running an event or a campaign. Come and talk to us at the SU, we will support you and might even be able to fund it for you! 

Make a difference

  • Attend Course Committees and engage with staff to present the feedback from your course mates.
  • Help run Speak Week, a week where you will work with the SU to get feedback from students on their university experiences!
  • Run academic campaigns, for example, campaigning to ensure that all students have access to one-on-one time with a personal tutor. 

Make friends

  • Communicate with a diverse range of students on your course as a course representative. 
  • Opt in to your School’s Course Rep Monthly Meeting - a space where you can troubleshoot, plan and hang out with other course reps!

What’s involved?

Training and Support

This programme includes an initial training in being a Course Rep, communication, time management, and organising as well as the opt-in Course Rep Conference in November. We’ll be getting feedback from Course Reps all year and providing them with any extra trainings they need. As a Course Rep you’ll also be supported by a School Rep who is a Students' Union Staff member. They’ll be available in a weekly drop-in service at the SU and hold a monthly meeting for all the Course Reps in your School within UWL.

Course Committees

Course Reps represent students at Course Committees in which course reps and members of staff work together to solve academic issues. These committee meetings allow your course rep to express their views and those of the students they represent in a professional manner. University staff document and evaluate the points that have been discussed. Their aim is to find solutions to any issues students may face – this can range from academic content to getting more books in the library or reducing hidden course costs.

How do I become a Course Rep?

A member of our Representation Team will run an election in your course lecture in Week 2 after giving a Course Rep presentation in Week 1. If you want to nominate yourself for your course – simply stand up in your lecture in Week 2 and tell your classmates why you’d be a great representative for them. Your course will then vote for the candidate of their choice!