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Welcome to the University of West London Students' Union

We want you to have the best time at UWL, and ultimately we want to see you graduate

So, we are here to help you build the UWL community into something great. You automatically become a member from the moment you enrol at the university.

We have loads of activities and opportunities for you to get involved in - just flick through the quick links below.

As a registered charity and a registered company, we have three key documents that set out the rules for how we operate and what we are (and aren’t) allowed to do. These documents are as follows:


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We know that ‘student’ isn’t always the first word you use to describe yourself; you’re a nurse in training, an events coordinator, a mum, a dad, a musician, a bar tender, a graphic designer or simply a person learning how to live on your own for the first time.

But while you study at UWL you should take every opportunity that this amazing student community has to offer.

Going to university should be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have.




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Course Reps

The course reps exist as the link between the University and the students and the students’ union and the students. They are there to listen to views and opinion and feed those back to both the university and the students’ union. A course rep can be any member of a course that is elected during a class poll. The students’ union provides training and support to the individual and they are there to make your course the best it can be. Back to the top


We have two kinds of elections here at UWLSU.

In November, we vote for who will represent the university at the NUS national conference. This a great chance to meet students from other unions and to help shape national students' policy for the coming year.

Every year in March we hold the UWLSU elections where YOU get to decide who runs YOUR union. Anyone can run in these elections and the final decision is the student vote - this decision has a direct effect on you as it is YOUR union. A students’ union exists for YOU, the students, and electing a great sabbatical team means positive change in the university. You pay £9000 a year to be in university, have your say.

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Advice Service

The advice service is one of the many services offered by the students’ union to support the students. The advice team offers a wide range of advice services including: mitigation, course related issues, complaints, appeals, disciplinary interviews or hearing advice. They will signpost you to the right support service if they aren’t able to offer the support you require. This is free service that is 100% confidential and open to all students. Click here to find out more about the advice service.

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Student Staff

Did you know that over 75% of our staff are students? Becoming a member of student staff offers you a job to love that makes you part of a large community. It gives you flexibility, opportunities, experience, development and support as well as being a rewarding role. You get to work in a team of staff that are students just like you! You will have a job you can be proud of and have fun doing. Click here to see if there are any jobs available now.

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Freddie’s Bar and Freddie’s Coffeehouse

Like the name suggests Freddie’s bar – is a bar situated at your students’ union. Not only do we have a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, we also have a mouth-watering variety of hot and cold food that us students make and serve up, for students.

We’re open from 11am until 8pm for you to pop in at any time to chill and play pool!  We hold a wide range of events in Freddie’s - click here to go to the events page.

At Freddie’s Coffeehouse we have a range of hot and cold food – it’s great value at even better prices! We’re here to charge you up on caffeine for the day ahead and you can also grab a quick nibble for the go. We’re open from 8am to 6 pm.

Any profit made in Freddie’s goes directly back into your students’ union. It’s how we fund the great range of activities and opportunities on offer. So when you’re choosing somewhere for lunch, remember that the money you spend with us is an investment in UWL students.

Our food is made by students for students – you can apply for jobs in the commercial team whenever there is a vacancy just by filling in an application form on the students’ union website. Working for the SU means that your hours are very flexible so they can mould around your uni timetable.

Click here to find out more about Freddie's Bar and Coffeehouse.

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Sports Clubs

If you’re the sporting type and want to get involved with the UWL Warriors – that’s the name we give to all of our sports teams – then there are plenty of opportunities on offer for you! We have men’s and women’s football, rugby, basketball, women’s netball, mixed hockey, women’s cheerleading.
Click here to join or find out more at the SU reception desk.

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Student Groups

University shouldn’t just be about the time spent it class; it should be about what you get up to in your spare time as well! That’s why we have an amazing and diverse range of student groups & societies designed to help you mix with people that have the same hobbies and interests as you, and make the most of your time at UWL. The best thing about student groups is that if you can’t find one that you’re interested in, we can help you set one up! Find out more about our societies online or visit us at the SU reception desk. 

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Get Active

Not everyone has the time or money to dedicate to joining a sports team, which is why this year we’ve set up a scheme called Get Active – the premise is simple; we put on a sport or activity, you pay, and you play! So far we’ve had 5-a-side football, table tennis and even yoga, and we’re open to much more in the future!

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Even though university students are not particularly known for their healthy lifestyles(!), we do have a gym in the SU where all students are welcome to get active and keep fit. For just £80 you get access to all of the equipment that we have, as well as the specialist fitness Get Active classes thrown in absolutely free! That makes us the cheapest gym in the entire area, and you can sign up now at the SU reception.

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