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Sexual Violence Support

We want our students to feel safe and informed and would like to remind you that we are here for you.

Content warning: Sexual violence/sexual abuse  

The contents of this page contain topics related to sexual violence, therefore some of the content might be of a sensitive nature to readers. 

Aim of the campaign 

We want our students to feel safe and informed and would like to remind you that we are here for you. We are supporting the National campaign #ItsNotOkay to raise awareness of issues of Sexual Violence and notify you of how to seek help both on and off campus should you need to.  

At the University of West London Students’ Union, we want to create change through campaigns such as this one, and through educational resources. We want to ensure you always feel supported and know that #ItsNotOkay, but if anything were to happen… we’ve got you.

Why are we doing this campaign? 

We strongly believe that students have a right to not only study, but live free from harassment, objectification and sexual violence. As of 2019, Parliament recognised that the reports of rape, sexual assaults, and harassment in Universities had trebled in the past three years. Thus, recognising that sexual violence is a prominent issue is becoming ever more frequent.  

Your President, Stella, is the Chair of the Sexual Violence Prevention and Awareness Board and she feels passionately about developing a zero-tolerance culture in which no one should be the object of unwanted sexual advances.  

As a Students’ Union it is one of our responsibilities to raise awareness, but also implement prevention strategies and have a clear reporting system for students, ensuring they have a safe University experience and can seek support if they need it.  

As part of this wider project, we are promoting Sexual Violence Awareness Week (28th Feb - 4th Mar), where we will be providing resources to enable students to not only feel informed, but also educated on the matter.

What can I expect from the week?  

This informative week is an opportunity to raise awareness and tackle the issues of sexual abuse and sexual violence, and will include:

  • Social media campaign including video from our SU staff members
  • In-person self-defense class
  • A short video of the top self-defense moves
  • This resources page which you can visit throughout the week to find the following:
    • Points of contact both off and on campus if you need to seek help
    • The reporting system at UWLSU if you need to report an incident
    • Useful resources to raise awareness such as: documentaries, dramas, and books. Please note, some of these resources (e.g., BBC dramas) could contain triggering and uncomfortable content.
    • Consent information - we will be raising awareness about the importance of consent and emailing some of our students with information about this.

How to get involved  

  • Keep up to date with our social media where we will be posting content for this campaign. Follow us on Instagram @uwl_su 

  • We can provide initial advice and signposting if you need to report an incident/make a complaint here.

  • To find out about support available and how to get in touch, visit our website > your support > sexual violence awareness   

  • To receive information on consent and the definition of sexual consent, contact an email and Jess will be in touch with you shortly.   

  • We really value your feedback in order to improve our services at UWLSU. If you would like to make any suggestions for future campaign content you would like to see from Sexual Violence Awareness Week, please get in contact with Stella:  

  • Keep up to dates with all of our other events and campaigns here