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Driven by culture, drama, art or politics? Enrich your time at UWL with our 30+ societies.

MT Society practising

Get involved

Becoming a member of a society at UWLSU is the best way to get more out of your time at University. Here at UWLSU, we have more than 30 societies and the list just keeps growing and growing! By joining a society at UWLSU, you will be joining a group of students who share a common interest, as well as picking up skills for later in life and having fun while you do it! Best of all, all our societies are student-led.

How to join

Whether you’re looking to start something new, or to keep going with an existing interest, there truly is something for everyone! To sign up to a society, simply click on the society you’re interested in to find out more information and add the membership to your basket. Once you’re ready, simply click on your basket and checkout! Have a look at all our societies below.