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Buddy Scheme

Ayyan, your VP of Education has put together a Buddy Scheme to offer you, our students peer support to help you settle into your University life and make the most out of your time at UWL!

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What is the Buddy Scheme?

This Buddy Scheme is here to offer you an opportunity to get to know somebody new who you might not otherwise get to meet! This scheme is open to all our students here at UWL and you can apply to become a buddy at any time throughout your student journey. Once registered with a photo (if you'd like), and a short bio - you will be able to see others that have also registered to become a buddy and will be able to chat to them. 

We hope that this scheme will provide you with confidence and also support with settling in or settling back into your University life. We also hope that this helps you to make lots of new connections and friends as well as encouraging you take part in more University activities!

How to get involved:


Become a buddy

Create your buddy profile that will appear online.


Find a buddy

Browse the 'Find a buddy' list and get in contact with other buddies, or wait for buddies to contact you.

Buddy Scheme FAQ's

What you do with your buddy is up to you. When you receive emails from a potential

We provide advice and guidance on how to go through processes at the University of West London. We are not involved in any part of the decision-making on your case as we are independent from the University.

Our job is to ensure you have the information and support you need to make informed choices about your case and to make sure that the University follows the appropriate regulations.

How do I contact my buddy?

Once you have created your profile on the link above and clicked 'I want to become a buddy' you will have access to our buddy list and will be able to contact any of the students that are on this buddy list. Emails will be delivered to your student email address that are logged into the UWLSU with. Remember, once you've become a buddy - be proactive and contact a buddy as soon as you can and introduce yourself and start your buddy partnership.

I no longer want to be part of the buddy scheme

We'd be really sad to see you leave but if you'd like to delete your account, you are able to do this on the 'Become a Buddy' page which is on this website.