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An extension is a useful process that any student submitting work or giving a presentation for a module, apart from an exam, can use to get extra time to give in the work.

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How do I apply for an extension?

If you need a little more time to submit your assignments, you can apply for an extension for up to 10 extra days (including weekends).

Applying for an extension is simple, all you need to do is complete the online extension form. Or you can fill in form E and submit it to: Alternatively you can follow the link here

You can also apply for an extension on the day of your submission

Self-Certification: All students have the opportunity to self-certify 3 times a year. You can use this self-certification on either an extension or mitigation before the deadline. By self-certifying this means, you do not need to provide evidence of your circumstances.

You will need to contact your course leader and let them know that you have applied for an extension, so that they are able to give you a new submission date.

For more information on applying for an extension, please read the University’s extension regulations.

What if I am not able to submit assignments after the 10 day extension?

If you are still not able to submit your assignment after the 10-day extension, then you may be eligible to apply for a Mitigation.

You can apply for a mitigation if you are experiencing circumstances which are out of your control such as, Physical or mental Illness or Bereavement.

You can obtain Mitigation by completing form M for clicking the link here.

If the mitigation is accepted, then you will be given an uncapped further attempt at the next available opportunity.

Please note, if you self-certified for an extension, you would not be able to self-certify for a mitigation on the same piece of work.

What happens if I submit my assignment without applying for an extension?

Work that is submitted after the deadline, without an extension or mitigating circumstances, will have the mark limited, based on how late it is:

- Late up to 10 days from the deadline: the element mark will be capped at the pass mark

- Late over 10 days from the deadline: the piece of work will be recorded as a non-submission and you’ll need to resit/retake.