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Need a bit more time to submit your work? An extension might be your best option...

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What is an extension? 

An extension gives you 10 additional calendar days on top of your original deadline to submit your work (including weekends). Extensions can be used for assignments and presentations, but not exams.  

How do I apply? 

Applying for an extension is simple. All you need to do is fill in the form below and send it to You can also apply through MyRegistry, applying directly through the online service. You can apply for an extension up to the day of your deadline, including that day. 

You can read the extension regulations here. 

Once you have submitted your extension application, the mitigation team will process your application and send you an outcome on your student email account. 


Can I still apply for an extension if I’ve reached my self-certification limit?

You can still apply for an extension if you’ve reached your self-certification limit of 3. You can find out more about this here.

What do I do if I’m confused with the extension process?

You can reach out to UWLSU Advice for help with the process – it's what we’re here for!

What if I’m not able to submit when my extension runs out?

If you are still not able to submit your assignment after the 10 calendar-day extension, then you may be eligible to apply for Mitigation.

You can apply for a mitigation if you are experiencing circumstances which are out of your control such as: unexpected care responsibility, falling ill or injured unexpectedly, worsening of physical or mental Illness, or bereavement.

You will need to submit evidence for your mitigation application to be successful. You can contact the advisors at the UWLSU advice service, and we can go through a list of possible evidence with you and support you through the process.

If the mitigation is accepted, then you will be given an uncapped further attempt at the next available opportunity.

Please note, if you self-certify for an extension, you will not then be able to self-certify for a mitigation on the same piece of work.

What evidence can I use to support my application?


The evidence for your extension requests will need to cover the deadlines or time leading up to the deadlines of the assignments you are extending for and will need to support your exceptional circumstances. The following is considered as good evidence:

  • Doctor's letter or fit note
  • Statement from a counsellor/therapist that you were seeing at the time of your assignment
  • Hospital appointment letter
  • Crime reference number
  • Eviction notice Letter from the council/government
  • Similar independent evidence from a professional involved in your circumstances
  • If no other evidence is possible, a supporting statement or letter from a member of academic staff at the university or your employer


    If you are not sure what you can use as evidence, please book an appointment with the UWLSU Advice Team.

What happens if I submit my work late, without an extension?


Work that is submitted after the deadline, without an extension or mitigating circumstances, will have the mark limited, based on how late it is:


  • Late up to 10 days from the deadline: the element mark will be capped at the pass mark.
  • Late over 10 days from the deadline: the piece of work will be recorded as a non-submission, and you’ll need to resit/retake.