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School Reps

Creating change from within your school, School Reps work to make your experience better

Creating change from within your school, School Reps work to make your experience better

What is a School Rep?

A School Representative is a student employed by the Students’ Union to represent students’ views as a whole, for their school. They do this alongside their studies at UWL and are the lead Student Representative for making real tangible change within the school. There are 9 schools within UWL that are the umbrellas for groups of courses, so your School Rep will work to make improvements for all of the courses within their School.

School Reps work really closely with the Course Reps in their school to gather the views and opinions of students from every course. They communicate the feedback to lecturers and staff to create change.   


What can I talk to them about?

You can chat to a School Rep about anything that is affecting your academic experience at university. This could be from timetabling issues with your classroom, to lack of access to resources. A few examples of what your School Representatives can help with include: 

  • Quality of teaching
  • Seminar issues
  • Student support
  • Reading lists and library resources
  • Work placements
  • Access to resources
  • Workloads
  • External examiner reports
  • Any other academic issue


Who is my School Rep? 

There are 10 School Reps across the Schools and Colleges at UWL (with two reps for the College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare) and you can find all of their details below.

Feel free to get in contact with your relevant School Rep if you have any feedback about your course or need any advice!

Katy Kaysak (LCM)

Daniel Sleiman (SHSS)

Cyndy Appiah (SBMS)

Aryan Gupta (CLBS)

Churchill Hagan (SoL)

Heidi Lopez-Gamez (LSFMD)

Prema Sembi-Harding (LGCHT)

Priyanka Arenja (SCE)

Jarin Khanom (CNMH London)

Callum Hume (CNMH Reading)

Meet Your School Rep

Make sure to watch your Rep's video to understand how they're here for you and your university experience. Click below to go to our YouTube playlist, then watch your School's video.

Why do we need School Reps? 

Students understand what students need, better than anyone else! Therefore, School Reps attend various boards and committees at UWL to provide feedback to key staff members about how students are feeling.  

They are the primary link between the SU, UWL staff, and students. We want to ensure our institution is accessible to everyone, and students have the best experience possible at university. School Reps are great for making this happen.  


How do I become one? 

If you are someone who wants to make real tangible changes within your school and for UWL students, it sounds like you would be a great School Rep!  

Every year we give students the opportunity to join the Student Voice team as a School Representative. This recruitment process usually takes place over the summer (June/July) and School Reps begin their roles in September time. You will need to complete a short application form, and if shortlisted we will invite you to interview. 


If you are interested in becoming a School Rep keep checking back on our website to keep up to date with vacancies. We usually put up the job applications in Summer!  

If you have any questions, please contact our team: 

Jess, Representation and Advocacy Manager:  

Tayte, Student Voice Manager: