Green Impact





What do WE  do to help the enviroment?

The students union is committed to reducing their environmental impacts.

In the past 18 months we have ditched plastic straws in favour of paper ones

We have replaced our take away cutlery with eco-friendly wooden ones

We have reduced the amount of packaging that we buy by over 20% and we are looking for ways to reduce this further

We gave away (in conjunction with the University and Elior) over 6000 reusable coffee cups to reduce the waste produced on campus

We supported the University in gaining Eco Campus Gold accreditation

We are working on our top 5 environmental impacts and what we can do to reduce them. We are updating our environmental policy to include these impacts and our plans.  Watch this space.



What can YOU do to help the enviroment?

It can start with something very small

Have a look at some of the things you could do to make a difference

Download the OLIO food app and swap your unwanted food with friends

Take up Eco bricking .   A fun way to reduce the amount of plastic rubbish that goes to landfill……..more information can be found here

Buy a reusable hot cup and a bottle for your water

Start a green society with your friends and join the volunteer team in planting trees and bulbs in your spare time

Buy your fruit and veg loose in stead of wrapped in plastic and of course don’t forget to take a non-plastic bag shopping with you 

If you have an idea that we can help you with to promote sustainability then please get in touch





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