Advertising to UWLSU Students

With over 13,000 students based at UWL, UWLSU is the perfect gateaway for brands to promote themselves to the diverse range of students here at UWL! 

Whether it's on campus experiential marketing, digital marketing or print - we will work with you to tailor your advertising and make sure that your brand gets noticed the most profitible way in the UWLSU community! 

Have a look at our marketing pack... 


If you would like to book any marketing activity, require any more information or to discuss a marketing plan please contact: 

Clair White

Communications & Marketing Co-Ordinator 

Tel: 02082312276


Registered Office: University of West London Students' Union, St Mary's Road, London W5 5RF
Registered in England Company Number: 8158543
Registered Charity Number: 1148594

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