In 2012, UWLSU set out an ambitious strategy to reinvent the SU and become the first modern university with an excellent students’ union by 2018. At the time, less than 5% of students meaningfully engaged with the SU and approval ratings were in the bottom quartile for the sector.

In 2018, UWLSU ranks as the number one student union in the UK, with an expected year-end engagement of 80% of all UWL students, and a National Student Survey satisfaction score of 80%.

We’ve shown it’s possible to have an excellent SU in a modern university.

In late 2017, the Trustee Board endorsed the SU’s approach to undertake a strategic review and transition year in 2018/19, in preparation for the development of a new five-year UWLSU Strategy for 2018-2023.

UWLSU is currently undertaking an audit and review of our performance, celebrating our success and identifying the evidence base and baselines to underpin future delivery.

We need to complete our current strategy and publish our new strategy.

Looking to the next five years will see UWLSU strengthen our performance and refocus our activities towards those that drive engagement, retention, attainment, employability and satisfaction for all UWL students.

We will ensure our engagement is not only sustainable, but also representative of our diverse Student Body – maximising the impact of our success for all.

UWL students need their university and union to be sustainably excellent to succeed in life.


Our Challenge

To establish UWLSU as the first excellent SU in a modern university.

Our Values

We believe in students’ potential and in the value of UWL.
We will employ UWL students and graduates wherever possible.
We work in partnership with UWL staff at all levels.
We can evidence that our work is grounded in the real needs of UWL students and that we serve students across the entire university.

Our Aims

  • Achieve 80% engagement
  • Achieve 80% satisfaction
  • Publish a new strategy for 2023

Our Strategy

Deliver our amazing 2018 results for the second year... and long into the future

We’ve achieved 80:80 once – but we need to be able to deliver it year after year. 80% engagement, 80% satisfaction need to become the SU’s stable foundations.

In 2018/19 we’ll be tightening up the processes & systems that support 80:80 and refocusing existing services to ensure they are as efficient and impactful as they can be.

Build a plan to deliver a truly transformative student experience by 2023

A truly transformative student experience will require the SU to work differently in two key areas: impact and partnership.

We’ll need to become impact-led rather than outcome-led as we are now. And we’ll need to deepen our partnership with UWL from one based on relationships to one based on planning and delivery.


2018/2019 KPI's

Top line KPIs

  1. TL1  Achieve 80% on NSS Q26

  2. TL2  Engage 80% of students in SU activity

  3. TL3  2023 Strategy & Business Plan approved by SU and stakeholders

Department KPI's

Community & Belonging
  1. CB1  Maintain 100% new student engagement in Welcome Period Activity

  2. CB2  Engage 900 students in Freshers’ Social Programme

  3. CB3  Maintain 75% engagement in extra-curricular activity / Increase engagement in

    SU led extra-curricular activity to 60%

  1. R2  Maintain 80% Student views collected

  2. R3  Maintain 100% students who need advice seeking support through Advice Service

  1. C2 Maintain 80% UWL staff recognition of positive SU impact on the student experience
  1. P1  Maintain 95% of targets achieved / 15% exceeded

  2. P2  Maintain top quartile benchmark for staff engagement

  3. P3  Maintain Investors in People status (undertake re-assessment)

Quality benchmarking
  1. QB1  Maintain NUS Quality SU benchmark

  2. QB2  Maintain Best Bar None status

  3. QB3  Maintain Green Impact status

  1. F1  Staff costs ratio of under 50%

  2. F2  Maintain a minimum of £170k reserves

  3. F3  Achieve a surplus of at least £40k


What's Next?

We believe that a truly transformational student experience is one where UWL students can fulfil their life goals, equipped with the skills, experiences and resilience needed to determine their own future.

UWL and the SU must deliver a coherent student journey that is ‘wrapped around’ the student. Success will be evidenced by excellent satisfaction, retention, attainment, and employability.

Key challenges for our next plan include tackling the BAME attainment gap and tackling retention across all groups.

UWL Achievement 2023:
  • Improve overall satisfaction rates to 90%+ in all categories
  • Enhance continuation and completion rates to 85% or above
  • Improve the attainment of BME students by 30%
  • Improve graduate employability to 80% and overall employability to 100%

Registered Office: University of West London Students' Union, St Mary's Road, London W5 5RF
Registered in England Company Number: 8158543
Registered Charity Number: 1148594

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