UWLSU advice service

What role does UWLSU Advice play in supporting you?

We provide advice and guidance on how to go through processes at the University of West London. We are not involved in any part of the decision-making on your case as we are independent from the University.
Our job is to ensure you have the information and support you need to make informed choices about your case and to make sure that the University follows its own processes.
If you need to mitigate, we can help you by giving you someone to talk through your options with, and we can also provide a checking service to check your mitigation form and evidence.
We are here to provide advice and support, however you are ultimately responsible for submitting your mitigation and deciding when to submit.

Access requirements? Support needs? that would help us to better support you, you should let us know when you come for an appointment.

At UWLSU we understand that life can have its hiccups. Sometimes these hiccups can affect the way that you study. If you ever experience any difficulties on your course and need help, you can always access our free, confidential and supportive academic advice service.


What is the advice service for?

The UWLSU advice service is open all year round, to all students experiencing academic related difficulties.


What can the advice service help with?

Mitigation - eg: I've been ill and couldn't complete my work
Complaints - eg: I'm unhappy with the way something is being handled by the university
Academic offences - eg: I've been accused of plagiarising my assignment.
Fitness to practise - eg: I forgot to disclose a spent conviction and I'm now being called to a hearing.
Appeals - egI'm not happy with the outcome of my mitigation.

We can also provide general advice on course-related issues. If another university department is in a better position to support your situation, we will signpost you to the right place. This will ensure that your questions can be answered and that you get the support you need.


Other sources of advice at UWL

The University also offers advice to students. 

The support for students section of the UWL can help you with information about:

  • accommodation
  • general student advice
  • funding advice for undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • immigration advice
  • disability support
  • health and wellbeing - including health, counselling and chaplaincy.

The current students section of the UWL website has information about:

  • Semester and term date information
  • Policies, procedures and regulations information
  • Links to student email, student portal, blackboard and other IT services
  • Information on careers and volunteering.

You can also download the Student Handbook 2017 - 2018 - your go-to guide to all things UWL!


How will I be treated by the advice service?

We, like the rest of the Students' Union, work on an equal opportunities basis, which means you can use the service knowing that you will be treated with respect regardless of race, gender, age, disability, orientation and religious or political beliefs.


Booking an appointment with the SU

Coming to see the advice service should never be a scary thing, our advisors are friendly and equipped with training to make sure that you can be well on your way to getting your degree.

You can book an appointment in these ways:

  • at St Mary's Road (UWLSU Reception),
  • at Paragon, Brentford (2nd floor, Room 201)
  • at Fountain House, Reading
  • via email on uwl.su@uwl.ac.uk
  • call us on  0208 231 2276.

You will be asked to provide a few basic details so that we can support you better before your appointment, and you will be advised to bring any evidence to support your case.


What will happen during my appointment?

Your advisor will ask you about your situation and talk you through how to proceed and outline some steps for you to follow through on. The advisor will explore many options with you, but any decisions made in appointments are yours so you can make the choices you feel necessary. The advice and support we offer is confidential, independent, impartial, empowering and non-judgmental.

We are independent from the university and act only on the students’ behalf.

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