You may be called to a Fitness to Practise or DBS hearing if you are on a professional course such as law, midwifery, nursing or social work and haven't told the university about a criminal conviction, or if you have received a criminal conviction during your time at university. 

There are a number of stages to Fitness to Practise and DBS Hearings.

Informal stage

  • You’ve been notified in writing of the concerns about your fitness to practice and a learning contract has been agreed.
  • If these concerns still exist, a formal case will be referred to the panel.
  • If the concerns are serious this stage is skipped and you will go straight to the formal stage.

Formal stage

You will be invited to a hearing to discuss your appropriateness for the course. A number of outcomes are possible. Your outcome will be stated in your letter, for example:

  • You may be required to stop attending your placement, although you may be allowed to attend theory lectures
  • You may be suspended from the university.

Contact the advice service at the SU

  • Let UWLSU Advisors know if you’ve been given a fitness to practice or a DBS hearing and we can accompany you to your meetings.
  • We can help you provide your evidence for your hearing


  • Your hearing date and time will be sent to you by the university.
  • You will meet your advisor outside the hearing and then be invited in when your hearing starts


  • Both you and the UWLSU caseworker will be asked to vacate the room so the board can decide on an outcome.
  • Once they’ve decided you will all be invited back into the room.
  • If you are unhappy with the outcome of your fitness to practice, you can appeal this decision.

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