Be Student Savvy and register at your local GP

Moving to a new area or even country is an exciting new chapter but also requires certain responsibilities and one of them is signing up at your local doctor. Having access to a local doctor is a really important part of your self-care.

The good news for you is that registering at your GP doesn’t take longer than a few minutes, providing you have right documents.

Registration checklist

Most GP Practices would like you to show them proof of ID and address. A University Letter, Council Tax Exemption Letter or Tenancy Agreement would be fine for this.

You’ll also be asked to fill in a registration form. This can be done either online or in directly in the practice and it looks like this:

How to find local GPs

Simply head over to the official NHS website and enter your postcode. The nearest GPs will appear and you can choose the one most convenient for you to travel to.

What your GP can help you with

  • Contraception
  • Sexual Health Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Travel Health
  • Immunisations (including Meningitis ACQY and MMR)

Practices in Ealing and around Paragon

Students who live in the Borough of Ealing or Paragon Halls are entitled to access a full General Practice service at the following:

UWL students are prioritised for surgery at both practices. To sign up there all you need to do is show them your Student Status Letter, Student ID card and Passport/Driver’s License. Registration is Tuesdays – Thursday 8.30 am - 6pm.

Temporary Students

Students who are at University of West London for only a limited time still have the chance to see a doctor even without a registration.
In case of falling ill contact your local GP for a treatment. Emergency treatment is valid for 14 days. Should you require further treatment afterwards, you need to sign up as a temporary/permanent patient. Temporary registrations last up to three months only.

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