UWLSU is run by students for students. Every year, we have elections to determine which students lead the students’ union.

  • In autumn every year we elect students to represent UWL at the National Union of Students National Conference – these positions are called NUS delegate.
  • Every spring, we run elections where students vote for the full-time sabbatical officers.
  • Every two years, we also elect student trustees.


The spring 2017 elections have now closed and a full list of winners has been announced



About the spring 2017 elections

Overview of roles 

The roles available in the upcoming spring 2017 elections are:

  • President
  • Vice-president education
  • Vice-president student activities and participation
  • Student trustee

The president and vice-presidents are the people who decide what the students’ union does on your behalf. They work full-time to make changes that improve your education and overall university experience. The student trustee is a voluntary position that sits on the highest decision making committee of the students’ union to ensure that the organisation is being run according to law and regulation. Check out more information about the roles available.


Standing for election

Anyone currently studying at the University of West London has the opportunity to stand for election. You can choose to run for a full-time sabbatical officer role if you are in your final year of study and you will start the job in June, once you have completed your dissertation and exams. Of course, you don't have to be in your final year of study as you can take a year out to do the full-time sabbatical roles and return to your degree after your term is completed. 



You have the opportunity to vote in every single one of these elections. This is where you use your power as a member of the students’ union to choose the people who you think represent you the best. You will be able to vote online or at any voting station on your campus from 21 - 24 March 2017. Find out more about how to vote.


Key dates

  • Nominations open: Monday 13 February, 10am, online and at SU receptions

  • Nominations close: Friday 10 March, 3pm

  • Voting opens: Tuesday 21 March, 12pm, online and at ballot stations across campuses: SMR Reception, Heartspace, Paragon Reception and Fountain House 10th Floor Social Learning area)

  • Voting closes: Friday 24 March, 2pm



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