Elections 2017

///About the November 2017 elections

Overview of roles 

The roles available in the upcoming November 2017 elections are: 

  • 2x NUS Delegate
  • 2x Student Trustee

NUS Delegates go to NUS’ National Conference on your behalf where they vote on national policy, submit their own motions and learn from other delegates around the country. This year NUS’ diversity policy means this position is open to women only. Anyone can run for Student Trustee. A Student Trustee sits on the highest decision-making committee of the Students’ Union, to ensure that the organisation is being run according to the constitution. Check out more information on the roles available here.

Key dates 

  • 9th October – Nominations Open
  • 26th October – Nominations Close 
  • 31st October – ‘How to Win Your Election’ training
  • 7th November – Voting & Campaigning begins
  • 9th November – Voting closes 


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