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Varsity 2023

Varsity 2023. 29th March - 31st March

Varsity 2023


£5.00 (Varsity After Party)
£8.00 (Sports Member Ticket)
£10.00 (Spectator (Day))
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29/03/2023 - 01/04/2023

2pm - 2:30am

Various Locations (See event description for more info)

What's going on?

Don't miss out on this years Varsity 2023 , With an exciting yet competitive contest between Various Universities & University of West London.

Both teams will go head to head in many different sports such as M/WFootball, M/WRugby, Netball, M/Basketball & some amazing performances by Dance & Cheerleading during the day.

This year's Varsity is being hosted by University of West London so come down and show your support!!

There will be a BIG celebration at Freddies Bar After party for those who want to come down and finish the night in style! DJ's will be creating good vibes playing a range of genres (from Charts, Hip Hop, Disco, Noughties and much more)

Please see below for more details about the day:


Ficture list, timings and venues 


29th March:

Location: Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub, Popes Ln, London, W3 8LQ

List of Fixtures + Timings:

M.Basketball - 14:00

31st March:

Location: Ealing Trailfinders, Vallis Way. W13 0DD

List of Fixtures + Timings

13:00 Netball
13:00 Football 2nd 
15:00 Football 1st 
15:00 Football Womens 5-a-side
13:30 W.Rugby 
16:30 Dance
17:00 M.Rugby
17:45 Cheer
19:00 Finished

Afterparty Info

Location: Freddie's, North Building, UWLSU, St Mary's Rd, London W5 5RF

Duration: 10:30pm - 2.30am

Last Entry: 11:30pm

There will be a BIG celebration at Freddie's for those who want to come down and finish the night in style! DJ's will be creating good vibes playing a range of genres (from Charts, Hip Hop, Disco, Noughties and much more)

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Ticket Types

Sports Member Ticket (Day)

  • Individuals who have a membership with one of our sports teams.Does not include AFTER PARTY

Spectator (Day)

  • This ticket type allows access to all the sporting fixtures (28th and 30th).This ticket does not include the After Party.

After Party

  • Individuals that want to attend the after-party, must purchase this ticket alongside their day tickets are only available online. Last entry will be 23:30.



Bag Policy

To help provide a safer environment for our participants at the 2023 Varsity, UWSU will be introducing a bag policy.? 

It is advised, where possible, not to bring a bags unless absolutely necessary.? This will allow for quicker entry to the venue and minimise any delays.? 

Bags will be checked upon entry at Gunnersbury Park, Ealing Trailfinders & Freddies Bar.

All items and bags carried by spectators and staff will be carefully inspected upon entry to the venues, which may include a personal wanding or pat down by trained security staff.

Alcohol Policy 

Any alcohol found will be confiscated.

Behaviour (Spectator & Participants)

Students representing their respective Universities at Varsity 2023 (University of West London) are expected to act as ambassadors of their institution and reflect the core values of Varsity.??

All students are responsible for their own behaviour when onsite at Varsity 2023.? Personal conduct and behaviour should be befitting of the occasion and contributing to upholding the core values of sport and the reputation of both UWL? 

The following code of conduct is to be followed by all students at varsity and the organising committee reserve the right to restrict admittance and or remove students from the venue.


1. Students considered for squad selections must display physical & verbal behaviour of the highest order on and off the field of play.

2. Students are expected to display impeccable behaviour in social settings as part of any representative sports team.

3. Physical or verbal abuse is not acceptable in any circumstance.? Any occurrence will result in the student being removed from the venue.

4. Respect for opponents and officials should be shown before and after each match via acknowledgement through a round of applause, handshakes or a captain’s salutation


1. The most positive result should be contested for in all competitive fixtures through a genuine concerted effort to win.

2. The ‘spirit’ of each game should be upheld by all students, with the correct attitude selected for each setting.

3. Students should perform with a sense of ‘fair play’, seeking no advantages through unfair actions or breaking competition rules. A concerted effort to bring about correct officials’ decisions should a priority by all wearing the colours of UWLSU.

4. Students deemed to fall foul of these requirements will risk being deselected and barred from representation in future.


1. Students representing UWL are expected to promote the successes of ALL competitive teams regardless of whether they have contributed to the result or not

2. Students are expected to maintain a positive online presence, in light of the association with UWL official teams in the above item.

3. Responsibility whilst on representative duty, in person as well as online, should be the priority of each student, thus the quality of correspondence should reflect the ambassadorial responsibilities agreed upon.


1. A positive attitude towards the overall fortunes of the sport, fellow squad members and opposition, and the competition itself, should be upheld at all times by selected students.

2. It is the responsibility of all students to uphold personal standards which positively reflect both universities.


1. Sanctions imposed on students will be decided and imposed by the organising committee made up of representative from both universities.

2. Severity of sanctions will take into consideration the severity of each case individually.

3. Students receiving official sanctions from match officials will be fined to the amount equal to that invoiced by the respective governing body

4. Students may submit an appeal in writing on any verdict given to them, although will be encouraged to seek advice from their relevant sports team committee beforehand.


Here at UWLSU we operate a series of Terms and Conditions for our events. This is both for your safety, security and licensing reasons. Please note that by attending one of our events, ticketed or not, you agree to the below terms and conditions.

Section 1: Purchase of a ticket or wristband is subject to the following terms and conditions;

1. You need a valid ticket/wristband to get in to see the show/event. 

2. The venue management and/or event promoter (UWLSU) reserves the right to refuse admission. If you arrive late to an advertised last entry time, this constitutes grounds for a refusal of admission. 

3. Please do not be offended if the venue management or promoter requests to see the contents of your bag. For certain events, the management also reserve the right to conduct security searches on admission by trained members of the security team.

4. Only in the event of the show/event being cancelled will your ticket be refunded. 5. Reselling a ticket or wristband for commercial gain will result in the ticket being invalid and non-refundable. 6. Sometimes the promoter (UWLSU) or event manager may need to make alterations to the advertised details of the performance/event at short notice. If this happens, the promoter (UWLSU) is not required to issue a refund or exchange of tickets/wristbands. 

7. If allocated seats/areas have been issued to you, the venue manager or promoter (UWLSU) reserve the right to change this without refund.

8. By purchasing a ticket/wristband you are affirming your consent to the filming and/or sound recording of you as a member of the public whilst on the premises. 

9. We are sorry if any of your personal property is lost or damaged whilst in attendance of the event, however the promoter (UWLSU) and/or the venue is not responsible for personal belongings you choose to bring to an event.

10. The unauthorised use of any professional camera, video camera or any other sort of recording equipment is strictly prohibited. 

11. The venue and/or promoter holds the right to amend additional terms and conditions without notification to ticketholders.

12. Your after party ticket for this event will only guarantee entry up until 10.30PM! so be sure to get there in good time 

Section 2 - Upon entry to one of our events, you adhere to the following;1.

1. Management always reserve the right of refusal upon your entry.1. Management always reserve the right to remove you from the venue without reason.

2. You agree to be photographed and/or filmed whilst in attendance.

3. UWLSU states you MUST have prove of ID to enter all venues, this is more so important when attending a club night to prove you are 18+ (Without this you may be refused entry into the venue)

4. UWLSU is not responsible for the actions of outside contractors, such as Security staff. We apologise if you have a problem with one of our contractors and we ensure all members of contactor staff are fully qualified and in a position to be working for us, however we cannot accept any responsibility for their actions.

5. You will not be served alcohol is you appear to be too drunk.

6. You agree to follow instructions given by members of the UWLSU team.

7. You understand that any cloakroom operated means that valuables are left at your own risk.

8. Refunds will be issued if you have proof of a positive LFT or PCR test