BA (Hons) Acting Pentecost


BA (Hons) Acting  Pentecost

BA (Hons) Acting Pentecost


£4.00 (Alumni 20th Feb 7pm)
£4.00 (Student 20th Feb 7pm)
£8.00 (Guest 20th Feb 7pm)
£4.00 (Alumni 21st Feb 7pm)
£4.00 (Student 21st Feb 7pm)
£8.00 (Guest 21st Feb 7pm)
£4.00 (Alumni 22nd Feb 2pm)
£4.00 (Student 22nd Feb 2pm)
£8.00 (Guest 22nd Feb 2pm)
£4.00 (Alumni 22nd Feb 7pm)
£4.00 (Student 22nd Feb 7pm)
£8.00 (Guest 22nd Feb 7pm)
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Thursday 20 February 2020

7pm - 9pm

Lawrence Hall Ealing Site

Thursday 20th February to Saturday 22nd February 

Thursday and Friday at 7pm
Saturday at 2pm and 7pm


The play is set in a church in an unnamed eastern European state not long after the fall of communism. A valuable fresco has been discovered in the church, hidden behind a large revolutionary mural, and international and local art historians meet to argue over who should claim ownership. Art curator Gabriella Pecs sees the fresco as a boost to the self-esteem of her nation, whereas the young Minister for Culture, Mikhail Czaba, plans on turning the church into a tourist hotspot, potentially yielding a fortune for the government. When a multinational group of armed asylum-seekers raid and occupy the church, taking the experts hostage, they soon realise that their human prisoners may be of far less value to them than the fresco itself. The fate of the painting becomes a metaphor for the future of the emergent nations of Eastern Europe as well as a focal point for conflicting attitudes towards art.

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