BA Acting: 1984

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  • BA Acting: 1984 Lawrence Hall, Ealing Site Saturday 10-02-2018 - 14:00 until Saturday 10-02-2018 - 17:00

BA Acting: 1984

In Orwell’s nightmarish dystopian society, Winston Smith is employed in the Ministry of Truth. His job is to help constantly falsify history, so that the almighty Party - personified by the omniscient Big Brother - is always seen as infallible and all-powerful. But when he’s handed a note that says ‘I love you’ by a woman he hardly knows, Winston decides to risk everything to discover the truth about the way that his society is secretly manipulated and controlled. In a world where the government surveys every move the population makes, can Winston possibly hold onto what he feels inside? Or will he renounce everything, surrender to the will of the Party and learn to love Big Brother?


Venue: Lawrence Hall, Ealing Site

Type: LCM

Start Date: Saturday 10-02-2018 - 14:00

End Date: Saturday 10-02-2018 - 17:00

Capacity: 94

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