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Sustainability Network

Set up by your VP of Education Alessio to provide students with the opportunity to combine environmental knowledge and action so we can have a positive impact on the planet

VP Education Alessio Di Vitto

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The sustainability group has been set up by your VP of Education Alessio to provide students with the opportunity to combine environmental knowledge and action so that together we can have a positive impact on the planet. We want to start numerous environmental initiatives on campus and rise to the worldwide challenge we are facing.

The Purpose

We want to create an organised community in which students can develop, build connection and strategically engage in sustainable actions. UWL and UWLSU are rapidly incorporating sustainability in their practice, as a student body, we can have a huge impact even with small changes.

We are in a climate crisis with biodiversity declining very rapidly - 60% in the last 50 years. The Earth is being exploited to guarantee a high standard of living for the ever-growing population of humans. Animals are going extinct, oceans are full of plastic, which as a result is contaminating our food, global temperatures are rising and if we do not act fast, we will not be able to make up for it. Our generation has a huge responsibility, we need to rise to the challenge- together we can be powerful and the necessary part of the solution.

What does it involve?

We have organised various workshops, built a sustainability society (join them!) and worked in collaboration with UWL on several projects. Find some of our wins below:

  • We have secured more biodiversity on campus (memorial garden).
  • We listened to your voice with the sustainability survey.
  • We have secured a parentship with the British Heart Foundation to repurpose clothes and donate them to charity.
  • We joined the SHAPE project with SOS-UK and the British Academy.
  • We are working with academic staff and students to embed sustainability in the curriculum of each course with the United Nation Academic Impact.

We want to build a sustainable network of staff and student at UWL which will give you an opportunity to inspire positive action, develop skills, enhance your CV and meet people who believe sustainability is a moral obligation for our generation.


Alessio's Journey


Alessio Di Vito

During Alessio’s time at the University of West London, he got involved with lots of things to do with the Students’ Union. In his first year, he became a course representative. He enjoyed collating input from his peers, building relations with academics and create positive changes. He was also a member of the psychology and investment societies.

Thanks to the Students’ Union support Alessio was able to develop and during his second year, he became the representative for the school of human and social sciences. In his role, he was advocating for all the students in the faculty and also electing, training and supporting course reps in their journey.

He enjoyed this experience so much that he decided to run for Vice President of Education in the sabbatical officer election in March 2020. During the last year as the education officer, Alessio represented your interest in the emergency regulations and monitored the quality of online learning. He has also been driven to make UWL and UWLSU more sustainable - participating in the decarbonisation project, green space renovation and biodiversity proposal.

Institutional change is great but without the support from the people will not be enough, this is an issue that demands social change before it can be resolved. Alessio’s vision is to create a community at UWL where students can learn, develop and organise actions that have a positive impact on the planet. We are 10 thousand students at UWL- together we can make a difference.

If you like the idea - keep watching this space for future events! If you would like more information or want to contribute in any way write an email to your VP of Education Alessio (

Future Events

Take a look at events we are running in the future here:

Environmental Conservation Volunteering
9th February 1:45pm - 4pm
Starting at Ealing Campus
Leave a lasting impact on the local community in Ealing and join the VTeam as we help Ealing Rangers to redevelop a nature reserve in Lammas Park.
Litter Pick Volunteering
10th February 1pm - 2:30pm
Starting at Ealing Campus
Join The VTeam we support local volunteering group LARGER Can in picking up litter, helping make Ealing cleaner and greener!