Code of Conduct

UWL Sport and Fitness Centre

Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct forms part of the Terms and Conditions of Membership at UWL Sport and Fitness Centre. It is designed to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of the facility users whilst maintaining the highest levels of health and safety for all users, visitors and employees. Failure to abide by this Code may result in the user being asked to leave the Sport and Fitness Centre. 


Health and Safety

The use of mobile phones for making or taking calls or texting & emailing is not permitted whilst using equipment.

No hot food, meals or snacks, other than protein bars are to be consumed in the gyms or studios. 

Alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted in any part of the UWL Sports and Fitness Centre. Anyone suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, or illegal drugs will be prevented from making use of the facilities and services and asked to leave.

Drinks must be contained in closed vessels. No glass is allowed in the gyms or studios

Bags and belongings must be stored in the lockers provided. Any belongings found which are not stored in a locker will be handed into the Sports and Fitness Centre Office or UWL lost property. 

Bags and belongings are not permitted to be stored in the lockers overnight. Any belongings left overnight well be removed. Removed and cut padlocks will not be replaced.

Equipment must not be moved, altered, modified or used in a manner other than that for which it was intended.

Non-static equipment must be stored on the storage racks provided when not in use.  

Users must abide by instructions related to health, safety and appropriate conduct as issued by Sport and Fitness Centre staff and must also follow written health and safety instructions. 


Respect for Others

Users must wipe all equipment after use. 

Users must not rest on equipment at busy times.

Users must not sit or rest on equipment and machines in between reps. 

Users must limit their cardiovascular work to 20 mins if people are waiting for equipment.

Users must not dominate the use of equipment either when exercising alone or in groups. Equipment must be made available to any other user within a reasonable time. 

Users must not shout, use foul or abusive language or behave in a threatening or intimidating manner towards any other person.

User must not play music through amplifying devices other than through personal headphones

Personal cleanliness and attire

Footwear and clothing must be clean and free from odours.

Appropriate exercise clothing and footwear must be worn when using the Sport and Fitness Centre’s facilities. For example, no sandals, jeans, string vests, open toed shoes 

Tops must be worn at all times when exercising.

Respect for the Facilities and Service

Users must be in possession of their membership ID card at all times whilst in the Sport and Fitness Centre and must use their cards to access the facilities for which they are entitled. 

Users must not allow non-members, or users without their ID cards to ‘tailgate’ through doors to allow them access to the Sport and Fitness Centre’s facilities. 
Users must not allow others to make use of their ID card in order to access services of the Sports and Fitness Centre, even if the other individual is a member. Failure to comply with this may result in termination or suspension of membership. 

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