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Green Spaces/ Cycle routes

Green Spaces/ Cycle Routes 

With lockdown restrictions getting tighter, it's getting more difficult to find things to do outside your house.  There's still lots of places you can visit here in London, In this webinar Darren and Krishna

take us through all the exciting green spaces and cycle routes that you can visit thats close to the University Campus. 



Q/A Session        

In this Q/A session Krishna shares her top tips and advice about visiting theses green spaces and also ways to ensure you stay safe.


Walking routes in London 

All the walking routes and their guides can be found here:



Cycle training and support in Ealing and Hounslow 

Cycle routes and guides  

Public transport Routes

  • Canal River trust
  • 65 Bus Route (This route is an absolute gem. It’ll take you from our St Mary’s Road campus to the River Thames, Kew Gardens and then to Richmond)

Ealing Broadway- Paddington 

I forgot to mention this, but it’s a nice, quick train to Paddington and you’re in town for the following:

Brentford’s Art Deco Mile




Krishna's favourite west London walks and cycles