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Mental Health

Here to help and support you.

Accessing the Advice Service

UWLSU Advice Service is still available to support you with all your academic issues ranging from missing an assignment to being called to a Fitness to Practice Panel. We can help you!  Whilst the service is running remotely, we will aim to give you a call within 1 working day. To be added to our queue to speak to an advisor please email with your contact number and query or call 02082312276. 

To find out more information about UWLSU Advice Service and what we can specifically support you with please check out our Advice Support page.

Buddy Scheme 

This scheme is to help students connect with one another. Buddies provide peer-to-peer support. We are aiming to connect you to a student who has similar interests to you in order to facilitate sharing tips/knowledge/stories and provide general support for one another. 

The Buddy scheme also provides support and a listening ear to students. You can also receive a weekly call from a SU staff member who will check in and see how you are doing. 

You can also be signposted to different help and support at the University and Students' Union if you require it.

If you are interested in finding a buddy, please fill out this form and we will be in touch: 

Buddy Scheme

Useful Policies

Some of these policies can be confusing so if you would like to get a clearer understanding about any policies please give us an email. 

Emergency Academic Regulations. 

Student Handbook

Access to Fair assessment

Fitness to practise Policy

Virtual Challenges 

Bored of the typical Zoom quizzes & Netflix Parties? Why not take a look at these fun challenges to do with your friends virtually or even within your bubble:

Referring yourself to other teams 

There are several different teams and services within both UWL & UWLSU who are here to support you and answer any questions you may have at this difficult time. The easiest way to refer yourself is to give them an email explaining that you would like to use their service.

UWLSU teams  


UWL teams 



The University is now offering free access to Togetherall – a new service that provides resources, courses, and a safe peer-to-peer platform to enable our community to get support and feel better.

Sign up to Togetherall for free using your UWL email address and get 24/7 anonymous online support.