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Study Hub

Revision tips, downloadable resources and useful information to help prepare you for your exams!

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Feeling anxious or overwhelmed? Or simply want to practice good wellbeing? Check out these resources below:


What is the Study Hub?

This study hub is full We've Got You logoof revision tips, downloadable resources and useful information to help you out while you prepare for exams. We know that exam season is usually stressful, so we hope that it’ll make things just that little bit easier. We’re here to support you and good luck from everyone at UWLSU! 

Key Tips: 

  1. Try out different revision methods to see what works best for you! Mind maps, flashcards and online activities are good ways to revise for an exam.  

  1. Make yourself a timetable to study and complete assignments, breaking it down into specific areas. 

  1. Study with friends! Get together to motivate each other and test your knowledge. 

  1. Block out distractions from your phone and laptop by using an app like StayFocusd to stop you from using social media. 

  1. Make sure you have snacks and water at your disposal and make time for meals! Your mind can’t function when you’re hungry. 

  1. TAKE A BREAK! Getting away from studying is important to keep you going. Take some time away, give yourself a treat, and relax your brain regularly throughout the day. 


You can also book a slot with UWL Study support via the student hub, the offer One-to-one Study Support for the following: 

  • Study Skills Workshops 

  • English Language Support 

  • Maths Support 

  • Peer Mentoring 

You can also keep an eye on what workshops they have avalible by checking their website.

The university has loads of people who can help you with your studies. Whatever you’re struggling with, find out how they can help on their website. 

The UWLSU Advice Team offers free, confidential and independent academic advice. They provide guidance on how to go through the University’s processes for things such as extensions, mitigations or appeals.   

Get in touch by emailing the SU or ringing 020 8231 2276 and asking to speak to an advisor if you are struggling to make deadlines.