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Study Hub

Revision tips, downloadable resources and useful information to help prepare you for your exams!

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Feeling anxious or overwhelmed? Or simply want to practice good wellbeing? Check out these resources below:


What is the Study Hub?

This study hub is full We've Got You logoof revision tips, downloadable resources and useful information to help you out while you prepare for exams. We know that exam season is usually stressful, so we hope that it’ll make things just that little bit easier. We’re here to support you and good luck from everyone at UWLSU! 

Study Tips 

  • Figure out which revision method works best for you. Different techniques (e.g. flashcardsmind maps) work for everyone. Don’t be afraid to research and try out new ones.
  • Do timed practice questions so you get used to answering them and can spot any gaps in your knowledge.
  • Make a study timetable and decide which areas you’re going to focus on.
  • Get together (either socially distanced or virtually) with coursemates so you can quiz and support each other.
  • Use an app like StayFocusd on your computer and phone to block out distracting websites  
  • Taking breaks and getting away from your study area is important. Build in things you enjoy doing so you’ve got something to look forward to and to reward yourself for your hard work  
  • Make time to relax, it’s harder to concentrate when you’re completely stressed out. Meditation apps like Calm or Headspace offer free versions. 
  • Try to stay hydrated and don’t forget to eat meals, find some easy recipe ideas here 
  • Get enough sleep, especially the night before any exams  

SU Support

The UWLSU Advice Team offer free, confidential and independent academic advice. They provide guidance on how to go through the University’s processes for things such as extensions, mitigations or appeals.  

Get in touch by emailing either or ringing 02082312276 and asking to speak to an advisor  

UWL Support

The University offers a range academic skills workshops (in areas such as essay writing and critical thinking) and one-to-one support. More information can be found on their website or by emailing