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NSS Result 2019

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The National Student Survey (NSS) is essential in understanding academic experience for our students. Every year, the survey asks UWL students about how well their SU represents their academic interests.

The NSS results were announced on Wednesday 3rd July and UWLSU have improved our overall student satisfaction score to an impressive 78%! We are now ranked number one SU, from a major University, in the country. Go us.

UWLSU remain committed to dismantling inequality within higher education and we could not be happier with this result. We will continue to put our students at the forefront of our work and ensure their satisfaction continues to grow. UWL’s score has improved by an astonishing 8% taking their overall satisfaction score to 87%, making the institution the best modern University in London. This again is a fantastic result for UWL and a testament to all the great work achieved through our unique collaboration.


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