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Meet Your President

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Our brand new Sabbs have been welcomed into the SU and are ready to start making waves to improve your experience! Without further ado, we’d like to formally introduce you to your President, Maisie... 

Maisie started her journey at UWL in 2019, studying BA (Hons) Music Performance and Recording. She’s been involved in UWLSU from the beginning, going from sports teams, to committee, to working behind the bar.  

We sat down with Maisie to talk about her aspirations as UWLSU President, which made it increasingly clear that her passion towards the role lies in helping you, the students... 


What inspired you to run for President? 

“To give the students what they wanted and what they ask for. To be ears and a voice when they need it” 

Why did you choose to run with your fellow Sabbs? 

“I chose to run with Lewis and Paul because our views align, and we work very well together” 


We then found out a bit more about her priorities over the next year and why she chose them... 

Maisie’s first priority is continuing the work done by 2021 President surrounding sexual violence prevention and awareness: 

“The reason I want to work on this is because I’m really passionate about creating a safe space for students to come if they are ever in trouble or in need of assistance” 

Her next priority is to provide better training to lecturers on learning disabilities and how to accommodate them: 

“We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when you walk into your lectures. We want you to know that your lecturers understand what you’re going through, and they know specifically how to help” 

The last priority is to enhance our international students’ time at university: 

“It can be really difficult to move countries to go to university in a brand new environment. Us here at UWLSU want to make sure that you are cared for, helped as much as possible, and given the tools to be as comfortable as possible” 


Check out Maisie’s full interview on our TikTok. Keep an eye out to learn about the rest of the Sabbs... 


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