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Meet Your VP Activities

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Lewis Dixon, our VP of Activities is here to make sure you have access to the best experiences outside of the classroom and have tons of fun while you’re studying with us. 

From the start of Lewis’s student journey, his social life grew through the SU. He is passionate about making all opportunities inclusive and accessible to everyone. He wants you to take advantage of everything university has to offer, because it really can change every aspect of your life. 


We found out what Lewis is most excited about influencing over the next year and how he hopes to impact students’ experiences... 


What’s the impact you hope to have on the SU and university? 

“The main thing I want to impact on the university and students’ union is accessibility. Whether that’s events, sports teams or societies” 

What’s the first project you want to work on? 

“The first thing I want to tackle as your sabbatical officer is to have a much more inclusive student groups experience. I want to do this by making it more accessible and diverse to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.” 

What do you think can be improved within the sports teams? 

“I want to have more representation in sport. This can be from disadvantaged backgrounds, different races, ethnicities, and LGBTQ+. Just so everyone has a chance to be able to do sport or exercise without feeling uncomfortable.” 

Tell us about the effect you want to have on events... 

“One of the other things I want to lobby this year for you is safer events at the students’ union. Whether it be having quiet spaces, making sure there’s lids for cups, and more female security. Just so we have a safer time at the events.” 

What’s your last priority? 

“I want to have more events at our satellite campuses, such as Reading, so everyone gets the same student experience.” 


Keep an eye out for Lewis’ impact on UWL and check out his full interview on our TikTok!  


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