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Meet Your VP Education

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Paul smiling in the park

Your VP of Education, Paul Hutchings, is dedicated to improving your academic experience by creating an accessible, inclusive and understanding environment. 

Paul had loads of involvement with the SU throughout his time at uni, from student groups to course activities, he has thrown himself into loads of our activities. Knowing the impact UWLSU can have on someone’s journey, Paul stepped up to improve education for all students, in an organisation that shares his values. 


Big changes can be made as VP of Education, let’s find out what Paul is most excited to tackle... 

What's the first objective you want to work on? 

“The first thing I want to tackle is to improve mental health and wellbeing accessibility for all students across all three campuses” 

What’s some of the main ways you are going to try to achieve this? 

“I think it’s about preventative action, so the things we can do before someone reaches the wellbeing services. How can we make the help more widely known? How can we make people feel more comfortable to access it? And how can we break down the stigma?” 

Tell me about your next priority... 

“I want to enhance the support UWLSU and UWL offer to students who are dealing with personal circumstances, especially those that affect their deadlines” 

Paul is passionate about creative arts advocacy and showcasing your talents over the next year: 

“We have so many talented students within this university, and I want to give them the opportunity to work together to showcase their talents and what they can do!” 


We are really excited to see how Paul makes a difference over the next year. Make sure you follow our channels and check out his video interview on TikTok


Ahmad Mushtaq
10:41am on 8 Sep 22 Any Reply??
Ahmad Mushtaq
1:56pm on 29 Aug 22 Hi Paul, I hope you are doing well! My Name is Ahmad Mushtaq and I have applied on 2nd of August for MSC accounts and finance extended course for Oct-2022 intake. I did not get any reply from admission team even I send email three times. One time I got reply that September intake already closed. I request them that I apply for October 2022 intake, But I did not get reply yet! So can you please help me to proceed my admission. My student reference number is "21569837". I will be really thankful to you for this favor. Ahmad Mushtaq Mobile # +971559211668
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