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Staying on Track This Summer

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It can be difficult to stay motivated, especially when the sun is calling out for you. We've put together some tips on how to manage yourself when you’re completing work over the break... 


Finding Motivation 

If someone tells you they always have the motivation to do anything they need to, they’re lying! We all struggle and hopefully these tips can help make it a bit easier to get your work done: 


1. Plan everything  

Invest in a good diary or calendar and break down your day and week. Scheduling when you are going to do each thing forces you to set that time aside to get it done, this includes your free time! This is basically “time blocking” and can help to set your mind into a routine and to concentrate on a task for a set amount of time. 

2. Points = Prizes 

Give yourself set rewards for certain milestones in your work. Choose something small for smaller chunks of work, like a chocolate bar for 200 words. Try and set boundaries that encourage you to keep the work flowing; Love Island starting at 9pm always keeps us going! The bigger the milestone, the bigger the reward. 

3. Don’t forget, you come first 

Working on assignments is exhausting, remember to look after yourself. Don’t work for days straight without a break, you need some time off every day, and, in a week, you need a rest day and a reward day. Spend your rest day relaxing and your reward day doing something fun, this is going to prevent burnout and help to keep your mind fresh. 


Why is FOMO even a thing? 

It feels like whenever you have something you need to do, all your friends decide to go and do something fun... 

1. Your plans can work around you 

Having responsibilities doesn’t mean your days have to be boring. Centre your days around you and your work, to make the most out of summer. Want to go out into the sun? Spend your morning working at the park. A new brunch place has just opened up? Meet a friend there for your lunch break. 

2. Switch OFF 

That feeling of missing out mainly comes from social media. Turn off your notifications and try to avoid scrolling (you know it’s only distracting you). Mute the group chat for a few hours and tell your friends that the second you’re done, you’re saying yes to everything. Your assignment has a deadline, but your social life doesn’t, promise. 

3. Eyes on the prize 

It might seem like it’s so far off but remember what you’re working towards. When your work is finished, you’ll be a huge step closer to having a degree (and no more essays to write)! 


We’ve Got You! 

UWLSU Advice is still here for you all summer, with the exact same drop-in hours. Come and have a chat if you need help! The university and all its services are also open over the break. You’re not left stranded; you still have all the same support. 


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